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  1. I bought an sks from an old guy my boss knows for $125 about 5 years ago, I'm a little confunsed because some people say the norinco sks is better than the type 56(not sure) I'm not around it now and will be a few weeks before I can get a pic of it, but I got an ak and want to buy a heavy barreled bolt action so I've decided I want to sell the sks.. I know it has a 636 stamped on it and the mounting point for the bayonet lug is ground off... looks smooth and clean tho, I don't like the fact the stock was filled where thee bayonet would fold... but shoots good and has all matching numbers... even the stock.. what kind is it and how much is it worth? ill try to get some pics up soon, might be able to get them this weekend.

    Thanks in advance..
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  2. gandog56

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    Probably worth a lot less because Bubba got his hands on it first.

  3. rando

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    I have an idea that the rifle was one that came with the bayonet taken off or bayonet lug threads drilled or lug and bayonet taken off. I saw many like this years ago when they had one of the first bans on SKS's with bayonets in some states. I bought one with threads drilled out of bayonet lug many years ago. May have been one of them and someone just filled the bayonet groove in the stock.
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    I will give you $175 for it. You'll make $50 profit!

    Honestly though, I love my SKS. I'll never sell it. I did sell my WASR-10.
  5. I love my wasr and will never sell it.. 4500rds 0 malfuctions . I plan on replacing the springs in it soon... that's it. I was thinking I could get 250 for the sks.. if not ill keep it... just wanted your opinions...
  6. I believe we are talking about the same sks, what do you think the value of it is?
  7. They had to bubba it to pass laws..according to what I've read
  8. gandog56

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    Not if it was older than them laws.
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    Though the Norinco SKS, being more cheaply made for the commetcial market, has lower monetary value than a military Type 56 in similar condition, it can still command 300 or better in very good condition. Values have climbed in recent years.

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    $300 is a good starting place.
  11. gandog56

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    All I can say is Centerfire Systems has Chinese Type 56 SKS's on sale for $219.99.

    And they aren't Bubba'ed!
  12. bill may

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    this. I bought 3 T56 SKS for $150 each as "ufixems" from century in last 12 months. should have bought more .
  13. oldjarhead

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    AIM Surplus recently sold type 56's for $299.95 complete with bayonet and matching numbers. Other vendors were asking $399 - 499 which is why they still have them and AIM is sold out.

    Your SKS was, most likely, imported during the Clinton AW ban...thus the removed bayonet and filled stock.

    On a F2F sale, you may be able to squeeze out $250-300 but a sale to a dealer will net you about $100-150.

    I'd recommend you buy the AK before you sell the SKS...that way if you don't like the AK you won't have to replace the "good shooting" SKS. After you decide you can sell one or the other without remorse.
  14. Ganny, you can't ''bubba'' a commercial rifle...a Norinco SKS isn't a milsurp.

    My Russian I'm leaving alone, a Norinco? Heck I would do anything to it I felt like doing.
  15. gandog56

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    Maybem but if you Bubba a Norinco it changes it to a stinko.

    Or is it money sinkhole, I get confused.