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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dale, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. I need to get a choke or two for a used Remington 1100 Maganum Express I bought.

    What are the thoughts on the best choke for quail and dove hunting.....6 1/2- 7 shooting max of around 30-40 yards? I was thinking modified or modified improved.

    And, lastly, home defense (outside actually as I wouldn't consider a shotgun for in home defense) with #4 buck? Full, Skeet or standard bore?

    Some thoughts?

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    7 1/2 shot modified whoud do for a 40 yard shot and open for a closer one. it all depends on if you want to shoot the bird far or close. As for home defense i have a sawed off mossberg 500 with 2 pistol grips, a retractable shell holding stock, with a laser and flashlight And last but not least an 8 round shell extension. im crazy about home defense people think im kinda scary. But its normally for in home use though. But the shells that are always in my tube are 3 1/2 inch Winchester Super-X® Buckshot loads. Id go with a standard bore.

  3. bamaboy How you do'in feller and Welcome to Gun and Game !

    My choice all around be would be modified Dale.. For #4 buck shot modified will be fine too or if you want to, buy a Improved Cylinder that will work for the buck shot also.