Chuckie Likes his guns too!

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    This is old so most of you most likely have already seen it. Pic is attached

    Chuck Schumer D-NY was photographed shooting a Tec-9. Note the BIG SMILE (of pleasure?) on his face. Also note the poor stance he has in shooting it. Very flimsy (I bet he has a limp handshake) and not very accurate.

    Sort of hypocritical to be dislaying so much pleasure doing something that you are trying to deny others from lawfully doing. I understande this to be taken at an NRA invite to allow these guys to learn about the weapons under consideration to be banned.

    Hey Chuckie, Having Fun?
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    He knows it's fun and enjoyable... that's why he wants to ban them. He's eeeevil I tell you...

    And what is that mark I see on his left hand?

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    That s-e-grin is common to people who get to rock&roll for the first time. Usually followed by a request for more ammo. Too bad he's "one-o-them". He'll have his fun, then draft a new bill to keep us from doing the same thing. Maybe he's picturing in his mind Hilary and Rosie down range?