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Discussion in 'Rossi' started by blue fox, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. blue fox

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    It looks like Rossi was the first to do this. They have made a judge into a carbine. Saw one in the post exchange here at Ft Leavenworth yesterday. 18 1/2 inch barrel 3 dot iron sights with a rail on top also. Overall length seems to be about 28-30 inches with a short buttstock. It comes with 2 chokes for the 410 side. Listed for $475 in the px. looks like it might be a handy piece.
  2. oldjarhead

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    I handled one at a shop a couple weeks ago. For a revolving rifle/carbine/shotgun it was a pleasure to hold. Very well ballanced and it appeared to be well made. I don't remember what the price tag was on it.
    My only concern is about how much gas blow-back a shooter will get from the slight gap between the cylinder and barrel on his arm or hand.
    If I had the money, I'd get one just for the he'' of it (and before the government steps in to declares it un-ownable) would make for a decent home defence.

    PS...The EXCHANGE has the thing??

  3. blue fox

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    I found it to be quite easy to hold even one handed. It looks like they installed a small plate on the left front of the cylinder that might deflect some of the gas out the front of the cylinder but yeah it could be a problem that way. i thought it would work well for the wife also. That and the fact that it might make a real nice pack gun given it seems fairly light. It even had sling mounts on it.