Circumcise a 700 .243??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Parson Colt, May 10, 2008.

  1. Parson Colt

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    I'm considering trimming my 700 ADL in .243 to make it handier in the pickup. This one's used as a ranch gun, and before anyone suggests it, I'm not buying a new gun at this time in any caliber. What I want to know is what your thoughts are on trimming that 22-inch barrel down to 18 inches.
  2. Parson Colt

    Parson Colt Guest

    Well, nevermind. Thanks anyway, and all that. I'd hoped for some input to help me make this decision, but apparently, no one had anything to share. I made the decision. It's done.

  3. GlennF

    GlennF G&G Addict

    You will lose up to 200 FPS muzzle velocity and have a lot more muzzle blast.
    After the barrel is cut, you will have to have a gunsmith crown it or you will lose all accuracy. If it fits in your back window and gun rack, I would leave it alone.
  4. Bravo

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    I don't think the Remington M700 was ever designed to be a "handy" rifle. Why not just get a BAR or some other semi-auto (or other action for that matter) carbine sized rifle?
  5. Dans40X

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    Trade the 700 243 for a Seven 243 & you're dilema will be solved