Citadel 1911A1 Compact

Discussion in '1911' started by ALR, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. ALR

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    Let a safe-queen go to get a compact 45acp officer size carry gun.
    Made by Armscor, same as RIA, different importer.
    Came with checkered grips instead of plain panels.
    I think I got a good trade, its a tactical model with Novak sights,best I can guess.
    Went to one gun store looking for a RIA, and customer in front of me bought last compact in store.
    Thought I would check out the new gun store in town, so headed that way.
    Spotted a Citadel compact and handled it, then inquired about trade.
    Last store didnt want a trade in 300WSM, said not popular, no go!
    New store said sure lets look!
    Scurried home and grabbed OEM box and rifle from safe, M70 Featherweight Controlled feed 300WSM 20 rounds through it, no scope or mounts, book said deduct 15% for Short-Action, WTH?
    Anyway paid taxes, read equivalent, and even swap out the door.
    My internet was down so I couldnt check it out before, got lucky!
    Feels good and balanced. 3.5 Inch barrel.
    Looks exactly like this.

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  2. hack1911

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    Congratulations on the new 1911.:biggthumpup:

  3. Billyz

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    I dont know how much those rifles sell for but I like the little citadel.
  4. Iron_Colonel

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    I fired a Citadel that looks similar to this one this past weekend. It was pretty snappy, but it was reasonably accurate. My Kimber TLE II is a commander size gun, with a 4 inch barrel on it. It easily outshot the Citadel but I have put around 1000 rounds through my Kimber. Only put about 14 through the Citadel though :) It was a neat little gun, and looks like it would be great for carry. Congrats on the trade, looks like it was well worth it!
  5. ALR

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    Thanks Colonel and others, finally looked up reviews and for most part is superb in the combat arena.
    Will have to put many rounds through it, most for fun and plan to be close to it most of the time.
    Have a friend who has 3 spare mags he will give me, not bad eh?
    Good and solid, I like!
  6. Iron_Colonel

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    Price is right for the mags. Let us know how it shoots.
  7. M14man

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    Do you know if the mags are the same size as a Colt Officer's model, or is it a shorter mag even than that?
  8. ALR

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    every thing says its an officer size compact.
  9. M14man

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    I asked because I have an IAI (AMT) compact, and it has a smaller grip and magazine than the Officers model. I want to find a set of spare grips, and the gun is not being made anymore.
  10. ALR

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    I see PARA is now making a smaller model called a PDA.
    Maybe the grips are that size.
  11. ALR

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    Perhaps the Springfiels Micro Compact is the size grips you are looking for, the barrel length is 3"
    Springfield Armory
  12. Martin Rage

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    I have a full size Citadel and i love it. It is a very high value gun for what you get in extras.