Civil Defense Rations

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  1. 'Spam talk' reminded me that back in the mid-80s I made a big gun trade. The guy threw in some rations intended for fallout shelters. Some wasn't bad but some was really bad. Anyway the guy told me that if you were in a survival situation and someone dropped by wanting a handout just to give'm the really bad tasting stuff and that they'd leave pretty quick and not come back. He also felt that word would get around and no one would try the take your stuff by force because they knew it tasted like crap.
    This actually makes some sense.
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    In a weird sorta way, that does make sense - I guess.

  3. lol sounds like an excuse to trade crap at a premium value to me.
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    It is amazing how good, bad food tastes when you are starving.
  5. I think the oppisit. I think they would be smart enoung to know you gave them spoiled food and were hideing the good stuff.
    And depending on character and how hungry they are, they would possible come back and use force maybe ?
    Or complain and try to get the good stuff. LOL