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“A civilized society does not use guns.” I can see the argument for that sentiment.

Guns have one and only one purpose: to kill. Not to threaten, not to injure, but to kill. To kill someone is always an act of violence, regardless whether that killing is done offensively or defensively. There is logic in the idea that a civilized society is one which does not engage in violence. A civilized society, for example, rejects terrorist violence as uncivilized. So yes, since killing with a gun is an inherent act of violence, I can relate to the concept that civilized societies do not use guns.

Now let’s forget that pipe dream and get back down to reality. There is no such thing, anywhere on this planet, as a society without violence.

Probably the most peaceful society anywhere is Bhutan. Maybe you’ve never heard of Bhutan before. It is a tiny Buddhist country squeezed in the Himalayas between India and China. Bhutan is so peaceful that it does not use Gross National Product as its measure of success, instead it uses Gross National Happiness as its measure of success.

Yet Bhutan has a murder rate that is 1.74 per 100,000 population. By comparison, the United States has a murder rate that is 5.32 per 100,000 population. When even peaceful Bhutan has that kind of murder rate, we have to conclude that violence is part of the human experience no matter where we look. Always has been, always will be, everywhere on planet Earth. Call it human nature if you will, but that’s reality.

This is why guns are critical to a civilized society. Guns are an equalizer. It is the gun which eliminates disparities in strength, weight, and speed. It is the gun which prevents a person from becoming a victim, a statistic.

When a thug breaks into grandma’s house, grandma equalizes the odds with her gun. When a young female walking alone at night gets attacked by three rapists, that young female can match the strength of her gun against the muscles of those rapists.

When violence visits you, and it will eventually in the real world, your gun can either prevent that violence or defeat it. To prevent and defeat violence is the true definition of a civilized society. Without that ability to prevent or defeat violence, any notion of a civilized society is just a pipe dream.

There is nothing we can do to completely eliminate violence in society. Violence will always be part of the human experience. But having a gun is the very essence of what allows us to enjoy and thrive in a civilized society.

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The Progressives know all this, that is why they want to remove the equalizers from society.
Look at the biggest concentrations of Progressives: the news/entertainment/sports complex, Government, and now even Big Tech.
How many scandals have come to light from those industries in the past decade or so?
Sexual harassment, even rape and human trafficking , malfeasance of all stripes, just a shitshow of corruption.
They honestly believe their ideology exempts themselves from what actual polite society regards as proper behaviour.
They conspire to remove the means of resistance and dissent, and hand government and mega corporations a monopoly on force.
This is not going to end well for any of us.

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My guns spend most of their time clanking steel plates. Or are at the ready to provide a tool in my self-defense bag o’ tricks. If it comes to that, killing is secondary to stopping a threat and to me at least is immaterial — I want to make whatever it is that is threatening me not able to do that however it plays out.

My guns are also sometimes used as tools to kill — whether that’s a pest or predator animal or to provide food and other resources from an animal.

And they are also a deterrent to would be tyrants or invaders. Much like the nuclear arsenal was used for years by SAC. Peace is their profession too.

So they are multi role tools
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