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Been re-evaluating my EDC load out, lol or more realistically what i carry on me and in my back pack every day.

I have downsized the pack from Maxped PF2 to a 3v gear bandit so now im more interested in size and weight considerations.

One of these is the knife i carry in the back pack. Currently Im using a Kershaw Volt SS. It's a great knife, was a gift to me. relatively lightweight, compact and still has a nice sharp and fairly large blade. good lock up. easy deploy etc. great knife.

well I want something smaller. another reason for this is laws, some states /cities have laws on blade length and such, so im afraid the one I have could draw un wanted scrutiny in that regard, it has an almost 4" blade and in the SS finish kinda stands out in public(this is an urban edc pack).

So im looking at the CKRT SQUID in the blackwash finish. really cool looking knife. built solid, good steel blade. strudy lock up and its slightly lighter and smaller, with a slightly over 2" blade. Sounds too small but it looks like it will be just right. I love the finish, some have commented that its similar in looks to a small compact handgun with a black slide. and i think it will indeed be a perfect mate to the sig p238 nitron I keep in the bag with it.

so anyone have thoughts experience or comments?

Im probably going to order this for myself for Christmas or even sooner.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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