Classic Mannlicher

Discussion in 'Steyr' started by Piper17, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I saw this Steyr Forum and thought a few pictures on mine would be welcome here!
    This is not a rifle that adds up to a precision shooter like a long barreled heavy high glass-powered sniper type but I would beg to differ!
  2. frenchy

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    Beautiful work of art Piper, thanks for sharing,

  3. Purdy

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    A very nice rifle but hardly a "classic" much to modern.
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    Pretty rifle!
  5. bobvonb

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    classic (adj) : of the first or highest quality, class, or rank

    I'd say it qualifies. It certainly is a classic style.
  6. H-BAR

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    that almost identical model has been around since the mid 50's, that makes it a classic to me! lol
  7. Purdy

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    Try about the early 70's . I have owned a few MS carbines over the years. MCA's and M1961's and they were of the original design with the Mannlicher butterknife bolt handle and the rotary magazine.
    When they went to the Mauser type bolt and spiral forged barrels I just have trouble thinking of them as "classics". They are nice guns though.
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    Steyr Classic Mannlicher

    Piper17: Sir:) eye-candy:) all dressed up:)

    Thanks for sharing

    For those interested; check out what 'Chuck Hawks' has to say :)

    Steyr Classic Mannlicher Rifles
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    I have a MS 1903. Very much a classic Possibly the best bolt action ever made!

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