clean shot?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by live2hunt, Mar 21, 2002.

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    has anyone here used it. I have heard little about it but see it quite often. if anyone has any experience with it, please post info on accuracy, actual cleanliness, and reliability compared with black powder and pyrodex.
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    I have used it and it does everything it claims to do. Used it for 2 almost 3 seasons and then Hodgon came out with the pellets. Haven't gone back since.

    I don't know maybe it's me, but it feels, I don't have a chronograph, that more pressure is developed, which relates to higher velocities with Hodgon.

    Shoot some of each and you decide.

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    some previous post on the old system here claimed it was sometimes hard to ignite, this should be considered on a case to case basis, try some, at least we can't go broke on a can of powder (yet) In my opinion the exotic muzz propellants would really shine in the inline guns. Let us know how it does.
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    I tried Clean Shot in a Knight American inline muzzleloader just to try some out and I couldn't get the same level of accuracy that I got with Pyrodex RS. This could have just been that particular rifle that didn't shoot it well because I haven't tried it in anything else. Also, the Clean Shot may be a bit cleaner burning, but it is still necessary to swab the bore between shots for best accuracy and the rifle takes about the same amount of time to clean when finished shooting. Personally, I've had better luck with Pyrodex Pellets than anything else when it comes to accuracy and velocity; they're all that I've ever used in my Knight 45 Super DISC since I bought it.:D
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    I watched a fellow use clean shot in his flinter, and it was kind of comical, actually. You'd see the pan smoke and then about a heartbeat later the gun would fire.

    I cannot vouch for his storage methods. But it seems to be that clean shot works better with percussion ignition. Most of the guys I know who use flintlocks would never dream of using pyrodex or clean shot. I've seen the inline guys use cleanshot using 209 primers with no hitch. I personally think that inlines are an abomination, but then some people think I AM AN ABOMINATION. LOL. I'll never put a man down for whatever he prefers in a smokepole.

    I'll stick to GOEX myself. I use their powders in everything. Yes, ok, it's corrosive. I clean my stuff!