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    Hey guys thanks for all of the information on my new purchase! I went out on Sunday and was able to put 20 or so rounds through it; GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, HOT ****!!!!!! There wasn't the recoil I expected, really not that bad, but I now know what I have be missing. I have shot bigger guns and I don't get the same feeling. This gun is BAD ***!!!!!!!!! Now on to my question, I was told that the ammo is corrosive, and needed to clean it with a water based cleaner. Any help would be great!!!!
    I am shooting :
  2. I'm pretty sure that ammo isn't corrosive. Looks to be Wolf ammo (nny), and may even be Boxer primed and reloadable.

    When using corrosive ammo you need to get the corrosive salts out as soon as is practical. I use Windex and a wet patch or 2 through the barrel and wipe the bolt face, then dry patch. Clean normally when you get home. I just run a couple of patches with Hoppes #9 and the Boresnake.

    If you have any doubts then assume it's corrosive.

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    What Geo said. As soon as I get back from the range (the club frowns on cleaning guns on-site; we've had trouble in the past from antigunners sneaking around trespassing with cameras - they even sift through the dumpster, for heaven's sake, looking for "proof" we're dangerous crackpots, like man-shaped targets or Osama gag targets!), I get out the little bottle of Windex I keep for this purpose and run Windex patches through the barrel and the chamber. Then I remove the bolt and wipe down the bolt face with Windex as well; then clean normally with Hoppe's, gun oil, brushes, patches and grease. (Natasha prefers a dab of fluid grease to Teflon oil.)

    All the gunshops hereabout have been out of 7.62 boresnakes for months. I'd love to have one, but I can't find one to buy!
  4. I and the rest of the MN guys locally have always used a standard .30 cal. Boresnake. I didn't think they made a special Boresnake for 7.62 as that is still in the .30 cal genre. has always worked just fine.:)
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    Geo- .30 is 7.62mm.
  6. That was my point. I was trying to be subtle...:09:
  7. Hey Geo do they make a boresnake for a .30-06 or should I just use the .30 cal one? he he heeee.
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    reply to: cdunlop

    I beleive the box and round you have shown us, is in fact Priv-Part. (nny)(M30)ammo. Are the heads stamped "nny" at 12:00 and "7.62X54r" on the other side of the head? Also are the primers sealed with a red color? Most likely Corrosive primered if red sealed. After shooting some get a bore light and look for the number of flash holes at the bottom of the empty cases. 1 flash hole = Boxer primed; 2 flash holes = Berdan primed. This stuff you show is very clean, I have some on hand, and have not shot it as yet. But I have shot the newer PPU (PPU= nny all of it comes from serbia) stuff which is boxer primed, and best of all it is re-loadable. I would treat it as corrosive just the same till you know what you have. In my Mosins it is the time to clean it and number of patches to run through it after shooting based on what I have shot through it. Good luck and enjoy your Mosins. But I still love my mosins!!
  9. Geez guys. Did you actually read what I wrote?

    I don't know if Cyrano was pulling my leg, but it sounded like he was serious about not using a Boresnake because he couldn't find a 7.62 version.:bigeyes:

    I was trying to be kind and suggest a .30 cal version instead of waiting for something that doesn't exist.:09:
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    Geo, I think Cy done went and yanked yore leg plumb around your noodle!:09:
  11. :eek:wned2::bigeyes: me.:09:

    Doh!!! Reading it all back... that's what I get for being on this board sober.:34:
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    Gee you mean they dont make a Mosin bore snake ? LOL
    Geo always have a drink or two before you get on here that way when Tex talks you won't get bore..d he he:09:
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    ^ Ha Ha !! Unfortunately, my computer came with a built in breathalizer.
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    Thanks for all of the information! YES I believe this ammo is Corrosive! I has Red on the primer. It is stamped nny @ 12, and 1986 @6. Thanks again for all of the info!!!!