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Cleaning up nasty old bores

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JDW, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. JDW

    JDW G&G Newbie

    Heard of a new trick to clean up nasty old bores - rusty etc. -
    Take the barrel, trigger etc. off the stock and get a pvc pipe big enough to slide it into. Cap off one end and put the barrel and whatever else you are trying to clean in it and fill it up with brake fluid - let it set for 24 hours - amazing how it cleans it up - won't hurt it either. Heard this from a local gun dealer cleaning old mausers.
  2. monte

    monte G&G Newbie

    That sounds great, Im going to try it.

  3. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    I can unsed stand soaking it.. and Ill probly try it..I seem to go for off the wall suggestions.. but why break fluid? Not very oily and not a degreaseer but hay if it rolls ride it.
  4. Armsman

    Armsman G&G Newbie

    Brake fluid

    Actually brake fluid is some nasty stuff. Go write your name on someones car and wait a couple hours. Paint just sheds right off.

    neat idea though.
  5. JDW

    JDW G&G Newbie

    nasty old bores

    Now I heard that the dealer had all the barrels reblued afterwards - so don't know if it took the old bluing off or they were such bad shape that he had them reblued. Might experiment on a real OOOld nasty one - that blueing is shot anyway to be on the safe side. Sorry I didn't know that when I posted it or would have included that in the orginal post.
    I hope this didn't mess up the bluing on anyones guns - maybe it won't - he's out of town at a gun show now so cann't get any more details.
    Those who have tried it let us know the results.

    I worked on an old mauser last night that just could not get clean, rags keep coming out black. Was getting ready to use the brake fluid trick - thought I'd try one more solution - Used some
    J B bore cleaner -sold through Brownells - on the chamber and cleaned that out. What seem to really clean it so no more black rags was Kroil -
    I got it through Midway - on the can it says you can order direct - from Kano Laboratories - 615-833-4101. Says it loosens frozen metal parts and works on rust. But it really cleans the bores too.
  6. Gentlemen--

    I would not recomend using brake fluid. It will eat away at the finish. I have used regular gasoline to clean the bores, cleans all the crap out really good. Be sure to go thru again and oil the bore properly after doing this. You will have a clean bore after this.

  7. toolman

    toolman Resident Sasquatch Forum Contributor

    as an automotive tech for 15 years before becoming a truck driver, i would recommend being very,very careful using brake fluid.i don't doubt that it will work,but have seen what kind of damage it can do to paint,rubber,and almost any synthetic fiber.i would lean more towards automatic trans. fluid which is supposed to work real well due to its detergent properties,but i haven't tried taking my pitted up vz-24 out this weekend,will try it and post results. p.s.-brownell's sells the j-b and kroil together for about 13.00,bought some when i went through last week.nice folks,too!