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    I shoot a lot of lead reloads. They're cheap and I enjoy reloading almost as much as shootiong. The only downside is excessive leading in the barrels. This build up is very difficult to remove. I've tried all kinds of products and methods. This has to affect others and somebody must have a remedy. HELP!

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    Not to be a "Smart A**"... but don't shoot them any more.

    <p>The way I got around the same problem was to NOT re-load & shoot lead anymore. After the first box or two (and the same hassle of cleaning) I went strictly to FMJ's. My problem was compounded because my FireStar M40 is Auto-Ported... and boy can I ever tell you about that and lead slugs. (LOL)

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    If I shoot fifty lead bullets I make sure to fire 2 cylinders or magazines full of copper jacketed afterwards...I think it cuts down on the leading or possibly blows alot of it downrange.
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    Have you tried hardcast?Also I've been using Wipe-Out cleaner,makes the job a whole lot easier.
  5. I've been using copper plated bullets from Berry's Mfg., St. George UT. Load them same as lead. They look like jacketed. I was cautioned by the guy I bought them from that they will be cut by the rifling if you try to load them hot. I have had 0 (zero) (zilch) leading with 124 gr 9 mm loads in a Glock.
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    I have been firing lead reloads for quite sometime now. I have shot more than 800 rounds of ammo with my other piece, a simple fegP9M. After each firing session I fire a full mag of fmj ammo. It works for me as the cleaning and maintenance after the shoot isn't that tedious or difficult. I believe the fmj ammo sweeps away excess remains of the lead ammo as it pass through the barrel. I'm not an expert though but it works fine for me. Hope this helps.
  7. Logansdad, Mon Bathan I agree with you guys. A clip full of fmj. always does the job for me.