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    Hi guys,

    I was wondering what the process of cleaning a .243 rifle would involve? I normally use brushes and hoppes 9 in my .22 but this time i have bought copper solvent as well. On the cleaning guide i have read, it says:

    "Use a powder solvent, wet a patch and push it through several times"

    Then "Put the copper solvent on a patch and do that several times"

    and again "put a light oil in the barrell after cleaning the copper solvent out"

    That is ofcourse paraphrased but there is no mention of brushing, is brushing required at all? Do the solvents on a patch do everything without the need of a brush?

    Let me know, i know you all would know this one.

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    One thing regarding brushes I do is use an undersized brush with a strip of patch over it. Seems to bring the crud out better.

    I've heard the US Marines recommend one pass with a brush for every round fired.

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    I use TM solution to loosen up the carbon and copper fouling then run a brass brush down it about 20 times. I don't use a rod I use a cable type cleaning rod that comes in an OTIS cleaning kit. It wont scratch anything or brake. Then I run more patches with TM on them until they come out white, it takes about 3 of them. Than I run dry patches until they come out dry, takes about 3. The last thing I do is put a little REM OIL on a patch and put a lite coat of it down the barrel.
  4. You can overclean

    Excess cleaning with brushes equals excess wear on the barrel.

    Most people either do not clean properly or overclean to the point of damage.

    I generally soak a patch with 3 in 1 oil and coat my bore after shooting.

    At the end of the shooting season either when winter comes or after a posted hunting period I will use Hoppe's and copper cleaner then oil the bore.

    Be sure your rod is not eroding the bore at either end.
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    I have also heard that you don't want to let your brushes "push through" the muzzle as it may damage the crown..Is that correct.? If so, how do you clean the entire barrel without the brush "crowning".? If you stop short to prevent this aren't you leaving part of the barrel uncleaned.?
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    Congratulation on the new gun mate :).

    The links below should give you a start on what to do for breaking in and cleaning a centerfire. The process is quite different than for a .22 rimfire using lead bullets.

    Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels - Centerfire Maintenance

    Savage Arms

    Savage Arms

    Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels - Articles: Barrel Fouling

    Just be very careful to clean from the chamber end don't let the rod damage the bore or muzzle edge.


    Another procedure here with some photos.

    Bartlein Barrels, Inc. - Break In/Cleaning
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    Thanks all,

    I guess what i was really trying to get at was is there are real need for a brush if i am using powder and copper solvents?

    Thanks Ron....always a ball of knowledge! Good common sense in those sites you gave me.
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    Invest in a Bore Snake...Your Muzzle and Crown will thank you for it !!!