"Cliff Pigs"

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    I know I've mentioned "cliff pig" hunting before guys/gals. We used to walk along the railroad tracks and the Mississippi river bluffs with pistols. Here's my Beretta model 21A (.22lr) and a "cliff pig." On some occasions the cliff pig would tumble right down to our feet after hit.




    The bluff's were quite steep where we started out by the lock and dam, but they decreased in size as we moved up the river. Over the years houses were built on top of the bluff's and we lost our precious "cliff pig" hunting grounds. I'm sure many of you can relate to losing a fav hunting ground to construction.
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  2. nice pics and thats interesting how ya'll hunted them

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    Looks a bit like Burlington Iowa.
  4. Some how in my life time I missed out on hearing what a cliff pig is.
    So would you please explain to the slow one's here what cliff pig is ??????
    Thank you...A.H
    P.S. Do you eat them ?
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    I did cut one up to eat one time. Not much meat to him. I just couldn't do it. Don't know why.
  6. I gotta admit that this is the first time I have ever heard of something being hunted with a beretta 21A So I guess a high five is in order , good shooting.
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    You might want to reconsider walking along railroad rights-of-way with firearms. RR's are very anal about trespassers and firearms on their property, I've had to sit through many of their safety classes. They have a dim view of people getting on their property and getting near their choo-choos, especially with guns. It's a federal offense, IIRC, and their officers have high authority. Just a heads-up.
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    Well usually it was with the Ruger mark II .22 target pistols or our 9mm.

    But when we were going after "tree pigs" I used the bigger stuff. Here'a a Desert Eagle .44 mag with a tree pig above me. Them "tree pigs" can take an awful pounding with lead. My buddy swore off hunting them after one particular tough one. It was quite pathetic...I think he put an entire 9mm clip into it and then he looked at me dumbfounded. It finally fell while he was reloading the clip.

  9. killer again would you mind telling the few here that don't know what a tree pig is ?

    Is it a possom or coon ? LOL !!!
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    I think it's a cross between a razor back and a bobcat, but I'm not sure.
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    I often hunt woodchucks along drainage ditches with all types of handguns,the worst of which was a Hi Standard .22mag 2shot derringer with about a 20lb+ trigger pull and strictly da.Even so,I managed to get a few.I think my average is about -10%.It does give you a view as to how good light,small guns would be for sd. sam.
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    To my knowledge porcupine, and groundhog are related to the pig...hence why we refer to them as "tree pigs" and "cliff pigs."

    I might be wrong.
  13. I have hunted the cliff pig's/grounhogs in northwest Arkansas. I used a 22 rifle and it worked very well. If you could hit the head it worked the best.
  14. Sooooo...... Killer, is that you holding what is a presumably loaded .44 Magnum with your finger on the trigger pointed up in the air while looking down at the camera???
  15. I didn't know Porky Pines got up in and tree's ? I guess when you shoot one out you have to haul azz !!! Don't you ?
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    Porkypines live in trees,that is their home.Thats the trouble with them,they eat trees.That is the reason they protect the martin and fisher,they hunt porkypines. sam.