Clinton Mail Attacks Obama on Guns

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    Hillary Clinton has re-opened her sharp attack on Barack Obama's position on guns, with a mailer in Indiana that seeks to raise questions about him with both supporters and opponents of gun rights.
    The piece is particularly striking coming from Clinton, who has been seen for most of her career as a firm advocate of gun control, but more recently has emerged -- without dramatically shifting her stance on specific issues -- as a defender of the Second Amendment who fondly recalled being taught to shoot by her grandfather in Scranton.

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    Thanks for the good info. There's a pretty good discussion about this going on in the Powder Keg.


  3. Shifting truth

    Hillary is just a lying liberal desperate for votes.
    Do you really think her beliefs have changed in
    the past few months. When, in her life, has she
    done anything for gun freedom, gun rights, hunting
    rights, or to help the middle class in general?
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    That's the pot calling the kettle...." Well, you know.... :eek:wned2:
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