Cloaked in Failure

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Archetype_wyo, Sep 21, 2010.

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    I will begin with the current state of affairs...the gf left me yesterday...she went back home to Kearney, NE.

    Ok so to the beginning of the story::

    We had seen each other at the local burger joint she worked at and I never got the guts to say anything and to my joy that worked out the best for me. Well I saw her on Facebook (social networking website) and added her and was talkin to her this was on the 4th of August. We had both known each other or known of each other for a we started talkin and a hailstorm started so we went to the carwash to park under it and we talked for a solid two hours...not once did I see an objective i.e, sex and whatnot in her. I just saw her for what she was...just a beautiful person and someone I could just hold a conversation with. So it ended up she came back to my apartment and she ended up staying there until last night. We were dating and madly in love with each other. I wasn't ready for her to move in but her crazy as hell grandmother in town kicked her out so I let her move in and we shared the bills and the like. We had our little arguments and whatnot but nothing we didn't get over in like a few hours at the very most. Fast forward to last week, we took a week long vacation out to her hometown of Kearney & Gibbon, NE. It was ok but I just didn't like the feel of the town. We had a couple arguments while we were there but got over it, one of which involved her constantly texting her ex-bf that lives in Kearney and him saying "I love you" and her saying it right back. We get back Saturday and her "promise/engagement ring" was in and I put it on her finger and all was well. Sunday we went up the mountain and came down Crazy Woman Canyon which was amazing. Well yesterday she says we need to work on some things in our relationship and on my morning break at 9am she comes up and I told her that I didn't really like the feel of Kearney. She got kinda bummed and on my lunchbreak we both cried a bit. Well yesterday afternoon we are talking on facebook again and she says that she's leaving, she's going back to Nebraska to think about some things, to "figure crap out." I pleaded with her, she said she had already made up her mind, that she was going no matter what I said or did. So she said she would wait until I got done work to leave. We said our "temporary goodbye" and she was gone from my world about as fast as she entered it.

    Needless to say last night was about the longest night I've ever had in my entire life. I woke up every couple hours calling our her name...but it was no use...she wasn't there. :(
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    I pray that Jesus will use this situation for his glory, and that he will lead you to the person he means for you to have. If it's this young lady, that once she's stepped away and had a chance to air her brain, she'll see that what you've had is worth keeping. If not, that you'll quickly find the one you're supposed to be with is right under your nose all the time... In his precious name, Amen.

    Sometimes things get too intense too fast. A stepping back for a breath can sometimes be the big difference. Just hang in there, don't do anything rash, and give yourself a chance to breathe, as well... Let God handle things. Don't insist on taking them out of his hands and fixing them yourself.

    And, hang in there, buddy... From one who knows...

  3. Archetype_wyo

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    Thanks man. Means alot to me.
  4. White Rook

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    I am a firm believer that if she's the one the good Lord wants you to have, than it will be so... Hang in there. Time will tell.
  5. Dragunov

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    Hey, Arche-, Maybe you are a little too anxious to find "The One". Love is a choice.... Lust is a feeling. I don't believe in falling "in love" I do believe in falling "in lust" though.

    Be patient and discerning. She's obviously having loyalty issues between you and someone else. Sux, I know, but you don't need her. You're not a bad looking feller' and can probably get who you want. Don't allow "tail" to "Tote you around the table" like that. It's no good for you.

    I wish you luck. Take care.
  6. Hang in There

    Archetype_wyo, I wish you the best, however, I do not like the texting thing at all....

    She is the one that left, so she will have to return...

    I went through two relationships, before scoring my wife....
  7. Dutch

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    I can agree with that.

    I won't offer any advice, but will wish you a quick emotional recovery.
  8. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    I don't think she ever left her previous relationship emotionally. Until / if that happens you will live her previous issues as long as you are with her. The good Lord has given you a chance to preview life with her. She has chosen to run rather than work things out . I do not like what i see . Your comittment to her, deserves a better response than she has chosen. I wish you happiness with a girl you deserve.
  9. TheLastMountain

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    Archetype_wyo hang in there bud. Will be prayin for ya. Waiting sucks, so I'll pray you won't have to wait too long before she comes back or the right girl comes along.
  10. frenchy

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    Hi Arch i know the hurt, it WILL fade, i'll pray for you buddy, please take your time, a life with a good lady can be wonderful so maybe hang where good ladies are. TIME - patience, it's worth the wait. bye buddy,
  11. .22guy

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    No offense, but this girl sounds like a train wreck and I think you can do better.

    Hang in there.
  12. CalifgirlinOk

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    No matter how much you care about her,it's sounds to me like you need to let her go. I know it must hurt but you need to move on. You'll look back years later and realize you did the right thing.
    Trust is important in a relationship.
  13. Archetype_wyo

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    Thanks everyone...I think maybe I will take a trip down to OK for the Okey BBQ next year and hang out with..yous guys. I love all of you.
  14. petrol

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    you've had a lot of good advice so far. i've found once they decide a course that's it. I've had many horrible relationships and a few great ones. but each one I've learned something from. the thing i've really learned is that time will heal the hole you are feeling.
  15. grizcty

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    Keep your chin up!
    Lot of good advice has already been said.

    Stand back, and stand down, from the relationship.
    If it was meant to happen, she will come back.
    If not, there are a bunch of fish in the sea.
    You never know, when that perfect mermaid will come along!
    And jump in your boat.

    Remember this.
    It take TWO caring hearts, to make one relationship work.

    We will keep you, in our prayers.
  16. CalifgirlinOk

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    Please do come join us. If I remember right we had 11 G&G members at the last one.
  17. texnmidwest

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    Arch, my prayers are with you. Never easy and a very confusing time. Listen to what was advised above. It is sound advice!
  18. Cyrano

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    New York
    Prayers sent.
  19. Not having closed her emotions from her last relationship is the problem. Keep that ring, and concentrate on you, the better you improve yourself, the better chance you have for attracting the right lady. Some times Cupid misses.