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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Revolver Man, Jul 30, 2002.

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    I have been monitoring some posts on another forum concerning the use of high poer rounds for close in shooting on thin skinned game such as deer and black bear.

    I did not put in my 2 cents on this forum but I am really struggeling with what other guys are experienceing. The Debate on the other forum was over the comparison of say a 44mag versus a 30-06 at 25yards on a deer/black bear.

    My opinion would be that the 44mag would provide better results than the 30-06 at this range on thin skinned game. The wider, hevier bullets will make a much larger wound channel than the heviest 30-06 round. Dosent this make sence under these circumstances ?

    After all at this range the bullet from both rounds will cleanly go thru and exit the deer or small black bear. If this is the case, then the 44 would deliver a more devestating result.

    No matter what we do, a 30 caliber round maxed out at 180gr, can never provide better results than a 300 grain expanding hunting round.

    Any thoughts on this aspect ?
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    You didn't consider that the .30 cal. is going to expand to a greater extent than it would at 100-200 yds. and an 06 would have twice the energy at that range. Granted some of the energy of both will be wasted when they exit but the edge would still go to the 06. Ive killed 9 deer with the .44mag and it just dosen't impress them as much as my .308 does no matter what the range.

    Actually I don't use jacketed bullets in the .44 anymore. I found that 429244GC's killed them quicker because very few jacketed HP's would expand reliabily on deer. There wasen't enough resistance on heart/lung area hits. The wide flat nose of the cast bullet dosen't need to expand to be effective.

    If you prefer jacketed bullets try the Speer Gold Dot 270gr they have a pure lead core with the jacket bonded onto the core. I've recovered some from the steel backstop at my club that were turned inside out but the jacket was still attached to the core.