Clueless Joe's latest gaffe offends black community

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    In a speech today, Bidumb, the 2020 poster boy for Alzheimer's Disease, tried to claim to a black audience that he graduated from Delaware State University, one of more famous Historically Black College or Universities. Just one problem: Clueless Joe graduated from the University of Delaware, which is not even remotely the same as Delaware State.

    The university was not even a tiny bit amused by Bidumb's claim to have gone to school there. Delaware State University was quick to disassociate itself from the Delaware Dipstick.

    I think the question now is, Did Bidump simply misremember where he spent his college years, or was he trying to curry favor with the blacks associated with that HBCU? Personally, I think he was trying to curry favor, and deserves to be landed on like a ton of bricks. But I bet the Ministry of Democratic Party Propaganda is going to be silent on this. After all, "What difference does it make?", as the Evil One would say.
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    Either way, forgetting or deliberate pandering, just proves he's not fit to be president!
    A good reason for his "media" henchmen to not touch it!
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    Par for the course for her.
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    And I bet he- "Ain't no ways tired." either :rolleyes::p:D

    Another case of more senile "pandermonium" on his part.:usa:
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    Cyrano: Sir; continued reading. She!!

    During her campaign, Ms. Harris had opposed the death penalty, in part, as being discriminatory toward people of color, and she did not seek it for Officer Espinoza’s killer. Rank-and-file officers were infuriated. Heather Fong, the new police chief, called it an affront to those who “risk their lives for the sake of the public’s safety.”

    Then, at the funeral, Ms. Harris was blindsided when Senator Dianne Feinstein called for the death penalty.

    The blowback “totally traumatized her,” said Peter Keane, a former member of the Police Commission, which oversees the city’s Police Department. Throughout her tenure, he said, Ms. Harris had “traditional prosecution, pro-police, instincts. She has always tried not to be a target of the police.”

    In 2007, she stayed quiet as police unions opposed legislation granting public access to disciplinary hearings. Gloria Romero, the former State Senate majority leader, who authored the bill, said many San Franciscans publicly supported the move, but not Ms. Harris.
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