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CMP '03 arrived!

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I can't believe it got here so fast, but it's here. Rock Island Armory, s.n. 417,5XX. Barrel is HS 7-44. many "R" marked small parts. Bolt is "BF". New parkerized finish (black) on all metal. Stock is an "S" type with finger grooves, but has no visible cartouches and has been sanded more than once, I'm sure. Over all I'm pretty well pleased with what they sent me, and absolutely astounded at how quickly it arrived. I thought for sure they would take the 60 to 90 days mentioned in the letter. I'll let everyone know how it goes at the range as soon as I get a chance to check it out.
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When did you send in your paperwork? Were you one of those who were on the previous lottery list.
Yes, I have been on the lottery list since last July. The paper work went in as soon as I received the letter, which was March 8th. Actually, it took less than four weeks from application out to M1903 in! They are doing a bang up job there at CMP.
I'm proud to hear that about the time. I was on the lottery list and I sent out my application and check Priority Mail on March 12, so maybe I can look for my 1903 RIA, high number, S stock in a day or two.
Rustler, no reason you should not expect to see the Fed-Ex truck in your neighborhood very shortly. Anticipation is half the fun. Let us know what you get.
Mine arrived today but I was on the porcelain pot so I didn't get it. I have to picker her up in a few hours so I'll see her then. I ordered mine the morning after the announcement and Perry is just over a hour from me so they received my app quickly. I was in the lottery also. I'll see and post what I got this afternoon. Rick B
Stock Doc,

Let us know what your '03 looked like -- what about before and after pictures?
Range Report

I got a chance to spend an hour on the range last evening before our Gun Club meeting. This was the first opportunity I had to shoot this 03. I hope the picture shows up because it's worth a thousand words. This is the best shooting military rifle I have ever had the pleasure to hold and squeeze.
Picture of RIA M1903

Now that I know how to use the picture attachment feature, here is picture of the Rock Island after it was cleaned up and Stock Doc's procedures had been applied to the stock and handguard. Thanks for the tips, Rick. Your unselfish advice and help is really appreciated.
I am a lottery member, mailed my application on 3/8, but my CC has not yet been hit. Woe is me.


News Flash
CC hit 4/19!:D
I Read that your O3 barrel had HS on it, what does that stand for?
High Standard - a WWII replacement barrel that is supposed to be very good. A lot of the '03s coming from CMP seem to have them.
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