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CMP 1903 Program

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Hello, I'm not sure but I think I found my way to this new forum format.... Well, on to my question.... Anyone hear how many 1903/A3 rifles the CMP might have in their inventory?
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I dont know but they make it clear that they're pretty rough,and at those prices I'll take my chances on something I can at least see pictures of.I'm looking for my first SA or Rock Island 03.I just recently caught the 03 bug.
"Thats a good bug to get"!!! They are sweet! The first Hi Powered Rifle I ever fired - some 30 years ago - was a 03A3 Remington. I still have that rifle. Talked my uncle out of it. He had put a sporter stock on it but, never drilled it for a scope. I asked him if he still had the orig. stock for it and darn if he did. He had it in his attic. It was in great shape! It did not take much to put it back to orig.

Good luck on the hunt! I sent in the CMP paperwork for the 03s. A high numbered Springfield with C stock, A high numbered Springfield with a S stock, and a high numbered RI with a C stock. I'll post the condition when I receive them!

Best regards GR,

How many '03s

I heard @14,000. I agree with the "rough", which is why I decided to pass and buy another Garand. However, just got the '03 letter today -- OUCH!
"I agree..... They do seem high". So is the collector grade Garand at $900.00. I received a Collector grade Garand ($750) about 4 months ago. I was on the tail-end of the list before CMP closed that grade. It was worth the wait. I'm still waiting for a select grade.
It would be nice if the pictures (of the 03's) CMP has on their post were a representation of what most people might get. I was surprised CMP is allowing up to 16 guns per person. I will post the results when I receive them. "I hope I can use one of them little smiling faces over there"! I think they should add one with a missing tooth!

Best to ya Rick.
I heard

A few months back I heard around 40,000 and heard it again from good sources each time. They may have goten bad info but Orest said at 16 rifles per person ther were enough for everyone to order them. That tells me a HOOOOOOOO bunch.
I did hear one person say upwards of 70,000 but can't confirm that yet. Rick b:D
Thanks Stock Doc.

I had a feeling it was a large number.

Best Regards,

I talked to one of the sales reps at CMP today(4/3) to ask if they could ad an 03A3 to my order. She said I was out of luck because my 03 order had been processed. She said they have forty bins of mail now and if I wanted to get another one I'd have to submit another applicatiion and it wouldn't hurt to do it in a hurry. She indicated they were receiving orders from people who wanted one of each type offered, (16)
"Ouch"! I was told - sometime back - that if a order had started the process, no changes could be made. It is only the orders that are not in the ser# assignment process that can be added to or deleted from. On the up side....... Sounds like you are about to get your order..... What do you hope to get? I submitted my 1903 paperwork back on 03-12-02. I emailed on Tuesday to check on the status and to add some M2 to my order. My reply was yesterday. My paper work is not even in the system as of yet. I was also told about all of the full bin's of mail...... What CMP did was to make a notation in the computer to add M2 ammo to my order when it is processed. I also added a M1 Garand to my order. "I sure will feel better when I know they have my order".....
I put mine in as soon as they anounced it and called to see if it would be accepted since I was in the lottery and didnt wait for the paperwork to be mailed. They were nice enouhg when I called and said check bak in a week to 10 days. My credit card was hit over a week ago so just waiting for the Fed-Ex truck now. I ordered a early Rock Island to go with my Early SA. Problem is the SA is all original and untouched since bought in 1914. Yes it has been shot but near mint except closet storage by someone who didnt know its worth. There are minor dings on the stock but barrel looks as if it was made yesterday. Recevier is spotty form the great hardening problem. I know the RI wont look have as nice or be original but the wait is fun becasue you never know what is in the box. Ahhhhhhhhh Christmas in April hahahahahaha. Rick B
Hi Rick, The RI sounds real nice! I have a mint Remington 03A3 that belonged to my uncle. I am hoping for a SA High#, RI High#, and a SC. April would be nice but, May would be great too! The Wait is fun...... Fed-Ex guy receives deer sausage when he brings me a CMP Surprise! Have you seen the new book on RI ? It is available through Scott Duff.

Best to ya,

Yep I seen the book and have been tempted to buy it. I have a RI 300,000 range Drill rifle from the CMP. Barrel is a later SA I think it is 1931 dated. I haev a SA Drill rifle also serial 29,982 I may want to get rid of it. I got it from CMP auction and dont know why I spent what I did on it. The barel on it is 1909. It is a neat low number but has no stock or metal from stock. Just barrled receiver with bolt. Rick B
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