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CMP Garand shipping times

Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by Charly B, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Hello all, My first post.
    I ordered a CMP Garand last week-Dane w/ VAR barrel.
    What shipping times have you experenced.
    I also have a new SA Garand ordered sence 6 Dec. & the
    dealer has no clue when it will show up. notest the
  2. Dvmmatt

    Dvmmatt G&G Newbie

    The ones that I have ordered never took over 45 days to arrive.
    I have recieved then in as few as 3 weeks.

    Let us know about your rifle when it arrives.

  3. I sent my application in to the CMP for a Dane on Feb 8th,2002 and received it on the 14 of March. I am still waiting for 2 boxes of ammo.
  4. willys

    willys G&G Newbie

    Mailed my application for a dane m1 on feb 11, and recieved the gun on mar 8.
  5. I guess I should have waited to post a reply. At 7:30 last night the Fed Ex man delivered my 2 boxes of ammo.