CMP now asking for Birth Certificate

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  1. Receive E mail from CMP. They now are requesting poof of citizenship. They want a copy of birth certificate.
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    Has to be so illegal immigrants dont buy Garands? This is a shame we live like this and if the Liberals would just execute criminals and we could go on living a nice life. Parents haven't taught responsibility for years now and someone has to show them right from wrong. Give them a example so they know there is a consequence for there actions.
    Its' going to be a long road ahead with this "I can reform them " attitude. Rick B
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    yeah,almost makes you ashamed to admit you're an american,doesn't it? if you really want to see something scary,go to it made me want to throw up but i've got the starter kit on order! ya gotta do what ya gotta do,right?
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    You can't outlaw stupidity, so they will...

    You can't outlaw stupidity,,, so they will outlaw everything else.

    When I went to renew my hand gun carry permit they 5 finger printed me. Someone has to tell them I'm one of the good guys.

    Yes they will write thier own exemption to make them above the law they pass or enforce on to thier subjects..

    Getting back to the DC story, the news media is now saying the guy hates cops because he shot some unarmed guy at a gas pump while a cop was across the street. Well, he didn't shoot the cop, he was probiably wearing a vest.

    Someone has to realize he is shooting ducks on the water. People who pump gas are usualy all standing within the same 3X5 section so he sets up and waits for someone to go that one.... For me, I would be pumping at the inside one from now on. The person cutting grass was going back and forth ect.

    There is new iniciative to bullet print every barrel, Did the law makers ever hear of lapping which would make their new requirement useless.
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    Naw man...just make your wife get out and pump the gas....LOL Just a little rough humor.....

    This guy has won...he's created terror.
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    The shame will be if it turns out to be a CMP Garand with CMP ammo. They will shut down the CMP probably for a person. If we dont write our Government officials on this stupidity of thinking today with nice letters we will loose our guns. They had been trying to stop Sniper rifles in congress and will have the power to do it now. Anything that can take a scope will be illegal and we can't allow this crap to happen.
    This nutcase may be mad at gas prices and by shooting people at gas stations he will make the sales of gas go down. But they will ban rifles for his insanity. Don't let this slip by us folks watch for new bills in congress to stop rifles of high power even if it is a 22. Rick B
  8. Janet eL Reno was banging the sniper gun ban or she was classifing a scoped hunting rifle as a sniper weapon.
    Holleywood will be the first to glamorisze this insanity. Heck hollyweed knows that. It will fit right into thier anti gun agenda.
    Yeah on the "Yellow Forms " it now asks queations about US citizenship. I believe CMP is following BATF's lead. I dont have a problem with it. Hope it not more of the camel getting in under the tent.
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    The CMP has always required proof of citizenship. It wasn't until recently that voter ID was determined to no longer be acceptable. Now you need a Birth Cert, Passport, or Military ID card showing officer status (officer's must be citizens, enlisted don't). Don't make this bigger than it is. They're just ensuring they comply with firearms transfer laws. You don't want to have to start buying from them through a dealer, do you?
  10. Handguns are , by diffinition "concealable". ??? Scoped rifles by diffinition are " sniper" rifles. Your right Rick, we cant let or elected officials roll over to the pressure of the anti-American ,er, mean, gunner.
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    No big deal to me, I always did it.

    No big thing, I would require proof in this day and age also. Heck we had a pot smoking proven liar as the president for 8 years.

    Anyone else hear he is supporting legalization of it?
    Willy and Woody sitting in a tree, S. M. O. K. I. N. G.

    Every time I purchased I gave more than needed. I made several copies of my Birth cert., drivers license, carry permit, NRA card, ISPRA, and SS card were neatly on one page. I didn't have a problem with it. I am who I am, and in this day and age, giving them proof is alot better than believing a lie. The only think I needed to do is update the ISPRA card from year to year for proof in a shooting club.

    My only grief would be them deny-ing a veteran because he couldn't find it. Not everyone can jump through the hoops like an 18 yr old. Heck I can't find my keys 1/2 the time.
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    We have an ex Coke head as president now. Don't trust any politicians. Prohibition also does not work.