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Discussion in '1903' started by shaddownone, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. shaddownone

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    I got the same letter,

    Are those good deals ?
    I thought the low # Springfields were wall hangers as some of their receivers were soft.

    What is a C or S stock anyway ?

  2. marcus

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    Hey Shaddownone,

    Don't know about if they are a good deal as of yet..... I took a risk and placed an order. I have been real happy with the Garands I have ordered thus far. The C stock is a pistol grip type stock. Try this link. scroll to the bottom. CMP has a picture of one.

    If what I get looks like the two s-stock 03 pictures on this page...... I'll be happy!

    Hope this helps.

  3. a308garand

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    CMP has been really good for my collection adiction.
    Wish the prices were lower, but can't help that.

    I am waiting for a 1903 as well. Its gonna be a long 60-90 day wait :)
  4. marcus

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    "I agree"!

    So, A 308 Garand, (would that be a Navy contract Garand) out of all the options offered, Which 1903/A3 did you choose? It was a hard choice for me...... I did a crash course on 1903's...... Not up to snuff yet but will be in time. I'm about to place an order with Scott Duff. My 03 reading material is not what it should be.
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    Actually the receivers on low number 1903's were very hard. The problem was that during the heat treating process of low number receivers no pyrometers were used to determine the heat treat temps, but rather heat treat temp was visual. The old pro's thought that there could tell by the color of the metal if the receivers were at the proper temp. This caused some receivers to be heated to hot which resulted in brittle, burnt, metal. As a result low number 1903 rifles were deemed a saftey risk to the shooter. Attempts were made to reheat treat the receivers to make them serviceable again without success. Unfortunately destructive testing is the only way to determine which of the low numbered receivers has burnt steel. Many shooters feel that these rifles are safe to shoot. Many shooters feel that these rifles are not safe to shoot. This subject has sparked many a heated debate among 1903 shooters. If you get a chance, pick up a copy of Hatchers Notebook. He explaines everything you need to know about the heat treating process as well as many other interesting things.
    An "S" stock is a straight stock. As stated above, a "c" stock is a pistol grip stock. There is also a Scant Grip stock, which was a replacement stock with a less pronounce pistol grip. HTH.
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  6. a308garand

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    I don't have a Navy garand (yet), just a 308 Tanker.....
    For the 1903, I am leaning towards a Smith Corona "C" stock. I am guessing there will be pleanty of high number Springfields for a while. I want a shooter type 1903 (1903a3) and am willing to see what everyone else gets, before I go crazy in ordering more 1903 rifles.
  7. dagde

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    1903/A3 CMP Purchase

    If U had to buy one of the many choices that the CMP is offering which would it be?

    I want one that I can shoot in the .30 matches
  8. GarandMan

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    The SC with a "C" stock would be high on the list, and a SA high number as well. Either would stand a good chance of being a good A3 shooter, but remember they are all rebuilt and no guarantees from CMP on condition are being offered. At least this is the opinion being shared around the groups.
  9. Robert C

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    i just sent in my order for a SC 'C' stock this morning(along with a order for a few grade A Garand receivers) the wait will kill me