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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by TKH, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. TKH

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    Called today (4/16) to check my order status, was told they were currently working on the mail from 3/19. Looks like those not in the lottery will be waiting much longer than originally anticipated. I was told to expect at least a month delay, maybe longer. I'm guessing demand was higher than expected?
  2. A LOT higher -- I've been telling people NOT to bug the CMP until 60 days passes. Orest says 60-90 days, the catalog says 45-60.

  3. Dvmmatt

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    My brother sent his order in express mail on 3-12 and recieved his riffles last Friday.
    I sent mine by regular mail and have not revieced my order yet. I called the CMP today and was told that mine order has not been processed yet and that they were at least 3 weeks behind.

    It will be long wait...
  4. TKH

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    Waiting patiently

    I wonder what the wait will be for those of us not in the lottery. I probably have time to save up for another before the first one gets here! Is the backlog is affecting other orders (Garands, ammo, etc) or is it just the '03s that are tied up?
  5. EOD Guy

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    It is affecting all rifle sales.