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    anyone ever listen to the show for conspiracy nutz, paranormal activity, an other paranoic crap?

    what a bunch of wacko's, even my tin foil Chapeau, will not block their sideband fm transiant tribbler vacuum balanced flatulating modulation dual dial mind radio waves.:shocked:
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    The last time I heard that nutty show. (years ago)
    Art Bell was playing some audio.
    That was supposed to be screams, from folks burning in hell!

  3. Man I have been listening to coast to coast for more years then I can remember.
    Yes it's usually a bunch of silly crap but every now and then they have a guest on that is on the ball and has some good useful information. Art Bell still does a friday night once a month or so. but George Noory puts on a pretty good show.
    It's just like anything else, use what you want and just laugh at the rest. enjoy it for what it is ... Late Night Radio
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    Yeah, I've wasted my time listening to that show. Two of the biggest connivers, charlatans, con-artists are Linda Moulton-Howe and Richard C. Hoagland. These idiots, if they don't actually believe their own tripe, are responsible for a lot of gullible people swallowing stuff that has no business being pedaled as "fact". While C2C bills itself as something that tells the "other" truth, it's nothing but a sounding board for Bozos.

    I've tried countless times to call in and ask some real, intelligent questions that some of the guests would choke on, but I can never seem to get through. BUT if you have some comment that backs up or agrees with the latest garbage, your'e on.

    There have been some notable REAL scientists (Michio Kaku, Phil Plaitt), but Noory and Bell are less likely to give them the time they give the space-cases. THOSE nuts get all the softball questions and head-nodding from the hosts.

    Some time ago, Bell was in hot water for seemingly supporting the nut-cases that eventually committed suicide over the Hale-Bopp comet appearance.

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    Coast to Coast is Nationwide and has been running for many years. It's station listing is huge. It is probably the #1 broadcasted radio show in the US, considering it runs for 7 hours EVERY night on nearly 1000 stations across the country.

    I don't listen to it every night. But, I do listen to it once in a while. I enjoy it, and as Privateer said, they often have some pretty good guests who have served as White House employees, Government Officials, current mathmaticians, physicists and other scientists.

    While I agree there are quite a few callers that seem a bit whacked, I have to say that the premise of the show is a great one.

    There may be a lot of it which is far fetched, but there is a good percentage of the show's topics that I would argue are probably at least somewhat true.
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    The radio station I work at carries this show every night too. It's kinda funny to listen to them talk about alien abductions, the 9/11 attacks, or bigfoot
  8. During my investigation into the UFO controversy (yes i just said that.. lol I'm an investigator, when I want to know the truth about something, I investigate) I started listening to some C2C. Yeah, alot of nutjobs there and the occasional good listen. Jeff Rense does some good stuff also.
  9. Yes,

    I remember listening to Art Bell several years ago.
    It was sort fo entertaining.
    However, I took it as a type of entertainment at that is where it ended.