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  1. OK...OK! I'm basically a meat and potatoes guy too, but I sometimes like to indulge in something different.

    One of the favorite places my wife and I go is the Outback Steakhouse and we just love their coconut shrimp (I know....I said, "yuck" too until I tried them).

    Well, we have perfected our tries at our own to, what we feel to be, an equal to Outbacks.

    So, here goes:


    A heaping plate of large (or extra large) uncooked shrimp (just make sure you cut down the back and take that nasty septic tank shoot outta them).

    1 cup flour (for about 12-14 shrimp)

    Warm beer (yep, ya gotta sacrafice some)

    Sweetened coconut (we prefer Mounds brand)

    Vegetable Oil

    Orange Marmalade


    Prepare a beer batter by mixing in the warm beer until you get a batter about pancake consistancy.

    Clean the shrimp if ya need to....leave the tails on.

    Dip each shrimp in the batter and immediately lay them on a plate onto the sweetened coconut. While the batter is still good and moist, turn each shrimp over so you get a good coating of coconut on both sides.

    Place shrimp in hot oil until brown and turn over if you're not deep frying them. Make sure the oil is just hot enough to brown the batter and coconut at the same time...too hot and the coconut will burn.

    Use the orange marmalade as dipping sauce!

    Sure is good...enjoy.

    P.S.....we tried tempura mix instead of flour and it turns out just as great...just that the coating is a little thicker...but fluffier. Use which ever you prefer.
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    Sounds excellent. I'd do that one for my anniversiary but my wife isn't crazy about seafood. I'm going to jot that recipe down though!


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I'll try It without the coconut thank you, can't stand the taste. Hope I never get stranded on a tropical isle like the Minnow crew!