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Baikal is still in business.
they probably have a distributor in your country, that'd be the first place i'd start.

anyway the way a gun is graded for price is first by what it is, then it's condition.
it's original selling price is a place to start.
then by rarity or collectability.
remember that just cause something is rare or old doesn't make it valuable.

importation of the IZH-27 began in 1999 [to america] but their other stuff was started in about 1993
about that same time the factory started what they called 'russian custom gunsmith'
which was a gun smithing school that was set up at the Baikal factory.
they produced custom one of a kind engraved rifles and shotguns in that school.
that's probably what this is.
i can't find any price difference for a fancy school built gun and one with the same upgrades [chokes or other designations] a regular one has.

any way my older book shows these running from 190$ to @ 500 dollars in mint condition.
a scratch knocks 50 bucks off the mint price.
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