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Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by H&R12G, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. H&R12G

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    I was cleaning the Mosin today and when I went to run the patches through they came out a green color. Why was that? I usually clean it once a month but I didn't do it last month so it went 2 months without a scrub. So, what was the green?
  2. Sober

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    The copper fouling turns green after time.

  3. Yep, green = copper. Your solvent loosens it from the barrel, it is picked up by the patches, oxidizes and turns green. It's actually a good thing, it means you are removing it. This could go on for quite a few cleaning cycles.
  4. Sober

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    Yah the 2nd time I cleaned my Mosin I swear it was like scrubbing the staue of liberty. I really went at it too ran the brush through like 25 times and let the solvent sit. I got green patch, after green patch, after green patch. TOOK FOREVER but its clean now.
  5. H&R12G

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    I knew green equaled copper. That's what wires look like when they corrode. But I wasn't sure in this case because I don't know where the copper comes from. Is it from the ammunition? Because if thats the case I haven't fired this rifle yet. (They closed down the local range and the closest one is Don's guns as far as I know. thats almost 2 hours away.)
  6. I feel your pain brother. I think I spent about two hours running the brush, then a patch, then the brush, etc ad infinitum through my 1939 91/30. The patches were still coming out slightly green when I threw in the towel and called it good.

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  7. RangeShooter

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    The copper comes from the Full Metal Jacket baby!

    When I fire the .303 Sierra Match King bullets I have copper racing stripes down my grooves. Clean clean clean...repeat.
  8. lefty o

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    if you havent fired the rifle yet, it sounds like your still getting copper fouling out left over from the previous russian user. alot of milsurps have copper in the barrels in excess of 50yrs old, and it may take many cleanings with good copper solvents to get it all out.
  9. H&R12G

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    Well, I ran out of patches so I'm calling it quits. the patches still came out a little green at the end but it's still a world of difference. But, if you say it could have been issued then that makes me wonder. I've been trying to get information on that kind of stuff. But, thats cool to know.
  10. Sober

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    I have a buddy of mine that told me that Old copper fouling take's a few passes to get out completely cause its just been sittin in there for as long as its been rearsenaled. I wouldn't be suprised if I went to clean mine again I would see more green(and I have only put 1 round through my gun as a test fire). I think alot of it is stuck in the grooves cause I doubt they cleaned there rifles like we do know. Im sure they just put a quick pass through it and that was about it.
  11. copper fouling. use a good bore cleaner designed to remove copper (ammonia) and you'll be good to go soon enough.
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  12. H&R12G

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    Well, gotta get more patches before I go on. Unless you guys know of any household items that can be used instead of patches.
  13. lefty o

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    start cutting up old t shirts
  14. gandog56

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    Or one pass through with my Outer's Foul Out III.
  15. Ten Man

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    There's the ticket!!!!

    LOTS of Hoppes #9 on patches through the barrel, until it is soaking wet inside with solvent. Let it sit overnight. Run solvent soaked patches through it again, several of them. Let it sit overnight, again.

    Brush it vigorously between soakings.

    Keep repeating this until it no longer comes out green.

    THEN, your bore will be clean.

    I've done this on many guns my friends and family have "cleaned" and sworn were clean. Green patches come out every time, until I get them CLEAN.
  16. Sober

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    And If you dont have the 100 dollars to spend on that? BesidesI'm not too sure I wanna plug my 70 year old rifle into the wall LOL
  17. Paul T

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    Some may try Butches bore shine.scrub it in there with a wet Nylon bore brush and let it sit for a few minutes then scrub again the swab it out it comes out looking like turquoise,Inmho it helps greatly in a high velocity round like a 22-250 and it really improves performance.
  18. Adam Roth

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    I wouldn't step foot in the range at Don's Guns. Not only does he jack up the price on the guns, the range is trashy. I goto the Atterbury Shooting Complex (Atterbury Shooting Complex). It is nice, and the only outdoor/public range I have found in Indy. 1.5hrs from me, not sure from you.
  19. ChaZam

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    The ammonia in the bore cleaners is what causes the bluish tint as it attacks the copper fouling in the bore. As some have suggested it might take several soakings, patches, brushings, etc. to get it out. Old t-shirts work great as patches as suggested. My son recently brought a Remington 788(30-30 cal.) to me that he borrowed from his father in law. I suspect it had never been cleaned in its entire lifetime. I worked on it off and on for 3 days and lo and behold it shoots great again. The old 4X Weaver scope was in serious need of cleaning also.
  20. H&R12G

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    I was told they closed that down to the public. And before that I heard they wouldn't let people shoot Mosin's there. Something to do with the bullet going through the back barrier or something like that. Is that B.S.? Can I still go and shoot rosey there?