Colorado Tornados (Video inside)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by CrazyIvan, May 23, 2008.

  1. CrazyIvan

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    Just a recap as to the destructive power of tornados here in Colorado. Sever storms and weather have always been an interest I have had, and yesterday was certainly an exciting one, but tragic as it claimed a life.

    Yesterday we had multiple tornados touch down here in Colorado. One was a mile wide. Here are some videos of the incidents from yesterday:

    YouTube - Monster Tornado Hits Colorado [2008/05/22]=

    YouTube - Colorado tornado TV news video=

    YouTube - Windsor Colorado Tornado 22 May, 2008=

    YouTube - Mile Wide Tornado Hits Colorado
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    Yes, very tragic for those affected, but what about the people of Myanmar after that cyclone? Supposedly upwards of 100,000 dead. Why aren't we hearing more about that?

  3. CrazyIvan

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    None of us live there. We are detached from that situation, therefore it is human nature to not feel as effected by it. Besides that, I haven't seen any video on the storm.

    I enjoy storm videos and photos, and seeing it myself. That is more what I was looking to express here. I think stormy weather is an awesome force to see and witness. Even my desktop background is set to a picture of the eye of a hurricane from above, it is pretty cool.
  4. ???????? It's still on the front page of my newspaper, and all over MSNBC and Google News.

    I don't have television service, so I don't know about TV news...

    By the way, we had two tornadoes here in SoCal yesterday, about ten miles up the road near March Air Base. They overturned a semi rig and some RR boxcars.