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Discussion in 'Colt' started by killer, May 26, 2008.

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    I'm fooling around with my first digital single lens reflex camera guys seeing what it will do so here's my 10mm.

    The caliber is legal in Minnesota for big game hunting. One of the guys in my old gun club (a South St Paul MN cop) was responsible for getting it pushed through the MN legislation (no easy feat).

    I use Hornady 200 gr xtp bullets over 8.9 grs of blue dot. I have hit but yet to retrieve a big game animal.

    I can't hit the broadside of a barn with pistols...I don't know why I even have them.
  2. Well the camera seems to take some decent pictures and sweet ole colt you have there also.

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    Yes, that's a sweet looking pistol, and darn good pictures of it too...

    Had a similar problem with pistols myself, then I took up reloading and shooting them more often.

    Yesterday, while shooting at objects placed 70 yards out, I think the tables are turning on my pistol shooting skills. On a rest, I hit the objects with a .44 and .45 ACP, both with four inch barrels. Then I tried the same thing free handed, and eventually hit the objects as well. I was very pleased...and really glad for the tenacity that led to such an accomplishment.

    There's a learned skill with shooting pistols, just like there is with rifles, only a bit different.
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    The thing I've noticed is I have to concentrate about four times as hard. The rifle just comes so much easier for me. Must of been from shootin all them jack rabbits and gophers as a kid growing up on a farm in South Dakota.
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    After a while the handgun becomes more instinct (conditioned reflex) and the rifle takes more thinking.Just keep weeding out bad habits and hang in there,it will get better,but you must eleminate the bad things.Triggerpull and grip are the big ones.Dryfiring helps a lot on this one. sam.
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    Because chicks dig big guns.... :D