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Sometime awhile back I was at a local pawn shop looking at the small selection of handguns they had their and the only one that caught my eye was also the smallest. It was a little antique FN pocket pistol in 25 acp. I found that it really appealed to me and after checking it out, I later did some research and found that it was the model of 1906 which was basically the Baby Browning or Colt Vest Pocket of 1908. Thus is why I've posted this in the Colt section hoping that Colt enthusiasts find the Vest Pocket the most memorable. The later models don't have the grip safety but this one did and apparently, FN sold their pistols in Europe while Colt sold here in the U.S. so this made it rather likely that this gun was a bring-back of sorts.

So, within a few days I called the place wanting to negotiate price because I wasn't crazy about spending this much on a .25 but I did recognize that it was an antique. But, by the time I called he told me that it was already sold only a couple days before. CRAP! >_< So yeah, I was crushed. But since, I've been really wanted one, particularly the F.N. I wouldn't mind the Colt, although I'm guessing the Colt name will mean money. I ran across a Colt version of the same pistol at the gun show and it was $325.

A nice pair of Colt Vest Pockets.

I guess it's just something that my collection is missing. I mean, if I am to buy a pocket pistol, I'd want it to be a classic and reputable one and these type seem to be the 1911 of .25 acp handguns. Of course, 25 acp isn't even remotely a hot round, but the one time I fired one, it was fairly loud and made a considerably larger hole in a piece of plywood than the .22 LR. I find it fascinating that something which could fit in the palm of your hand, could fire off a string of hot lead and possibly subdue an attacker. It would subdue me, anyways. Bullets rip deep, bloody wounds which is pretty ouch and I cringe at a paper-cut so, yeah. <_<

So, what's the going prices for these guns supposed to be? I'd like to find an FN without getting ripped. And just curious as to their shooting characteristics, do they jam a lot or are these actually reliable? It's not too important because I don't plan to shoot one much. I mainly just would like one as a collector's item. It's a neat little pistol from an era back when the pocket pistol was actually a common piece of a gentleman's attire.
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