Colt 1911 Competition Series 9mm

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  1. She followed me home the other day, so I decided to keep her.

    Anybody have an ambidextrous safety put on theirs? If so, what one did you go with? Is it something a gunsmith has to do?
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    The 1911 Colt pistols are in a league of their own. There are copies across the planet. But only ones carries the Mustang brand. :usa2:

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    LeftHandShooter: Sir; some good reading :)

    Worth The Upgrade?
    The short answer: Yes. Having an ambidextrous safety is worth the upgrade and for good reason. For one, this product exists to prevent your gun from accidentally going off. Accidental gunfire can pose a hazard and have deadly consequences, not only for yourself but those around you
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    I haven’t replaced a safety in ages. I’ve always had to do some minor fitting on them to get them to engage. Minor fitting means taking a little metal off the safety bar so it clears and will go to the safe position. Its no big deal should you wish to try it yourself.

    A takeoff may or may not require any work.

    edit - a gunsmith can’t do it in about 2 minutes if you’d rather just get it done...

    I’ve always taken the ambi safeties off and replaced them with standard right-hand levers.
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  5. Well crap! Got quarantined before surgery so I didn't get to shoot it before, and will have a cast on after for who knows how long.

    Of course my brother offered to shoot it if I provided the ammo, but then again he just has shoulder surgery so I guess that is a no!
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    You gonna have one good arm and hand combo?

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  7. image.jpg

    Need to learn to shoot like these guys
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    I don't care for the ambi safety or the big safeties. I like the controls the way JMB made them, now other refinements are great.
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  9. Yes but I’ll use the correct arm.
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  10. Being left handed I need the ambi safety.
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    Good friend of mine is a lefty and shoots his 1911 fine. He taught himself to bring his left thumb around to actuate the safety.

    As far as loading, charging and shooting one handed, I worked a bunch with my FIL when he was recovering from a stroke. Got him comfortable running his Colt 1911 one armed.
    Just tossing ideas.

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    Evolution Gun Works (EGW) makes a lot of parts. Their ambidextrous safety is rumored to be a really good piece of hardware. The sleeve that joins and reinforces the 2 shafts should equate to many years of trouble free service. It's the 1st one in this video Mark...
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    Nice, one of my bucket list guns. Congratulations on your new purchase.
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  14. I like what I see! Thanks for the video!
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  15. Riding the thumb safety at 1:40.
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  16. Heard the gunsmith at my LGS will only install parts purchased at that store. Interesting.
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  17. Decided on the WILSON -Wilson Combat Bullet Proof Tactical Thumb Safety 1911 Wide Lever Ambidextrous.

    Was a bit higher than on-line but with the free install the price was lower than if I'd had bought it and had them install it. I am going to talk to the gunsmith today to see when he can put it on.
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  18. Waiting on getting her back now.

    Not like I can shoot her, but...!
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