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Discussion in 'Colt' started by jfelton, May 25, 2008.

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    Hi everyone, I'm new here, I was wondering if anybody might know where I can get my hands on a Colt 1911 frame. I have accuired a pistol that has a Colt slide that was made in 1943 w/ 'P' proof mark, but an Essex frame, I'm trying to find the correct Colt frame, any suggestions?
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    I have no idea, but according to a recent article in Shotgun News, many frames are available through Numrich & other suppliers.

    Eventually I'll end up piecing together my own 1911 standard as the articles showed, mostly as a learning tool...I'm keeping my eye out at the next gun show in my area to find either a good frame/barrel/or slide to start with. As I keep acquiring more weapons I've discovered a need to learn good gunsmithing so that I can handle any minor difficulties as they crop I'm a cheapskate and if I can learn to do it I don't have to PAY anyone

  3. I would not worry about the essex frame, alot of custom 45's have been built on their frames. I would save money and get another Colt. One is never enough.
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    You can go into and there is a want section there you can post what you need. I've had good luck there, two items being factory walnut grips for my Hi-Std HD-Military, and a new cylinder and crane (yoke) for a S&W Model 36. I'm not positive whether or not you have to be a member, but if so it's no big deal to do so.