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Colt Ar-15 extractor problems??

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Has anyone heard of Colt extractors being deficient in that they need to be replaced right from the get go? A dealer of Law Enforcement products recently offered to do it at no charge for the Colt 6920.

What do you think???
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We use colt M4A1s at work and we are constantly changing the extractors. We have a huge box full of nothing but extractors/pins/springs. Funny thing, on some of them, if you spray the bolt/carrier down with WD-40 they work like a charm. still trying to figure out the corelation. Try it! Good Shooting! Eric
Thanks for the tip. I'm picking up a LE Bush M-4 tomorrow and will see how it goes. I just hope the **** reciever isn't purple!!

If I get some lousy anodizing job I'm def going to Colt.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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