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Discussion in 'Colt' started by colt45, Apr 22, 2002.

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    Hay Guys,
    Just picked up a stainless Colt Combat Comander still in the cosmoline for $525 it has been sitting in this old guys dresser draw for 27 years with olny one clip ever shot through it. it also had 14 colt clips with it.
    I'm not sure weather its a satin stainless or a satin nickle anyone out there know how to tell?
    I just got done cleaning it up. Its real perty.
  2. jerry

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    I'm not 100% sure but nickle would be plated over steel and SST would of course be SST. Try putting a magnet to it. if it sticks good it is probably nickle plated steel. if it only sticks a bit it is more than likely SST.

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    Colt 45,
    I don't know for sure, but I don't THINK that Colt made the Combat Commander in stainless in 1975................ anyone out there know for sure? Now my curiousity is picqued!!!!!!!
    Jeffro (Jeff)
  4. Don Williams

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    As I recall, Colt came out with their first stainless Gov't model in about 1985, and the Commander and Officers followed, so I'd guess that if it is indeed 27 years old, that it's a nickeled gun.
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    I just got the real dope on the gun it has been sitting in the drawer but not for 27yrs as I was told before. only 12. and acording to the sereial number it's stainless not nickle. but still a heack of a deal I think.
    About the 1985 Gov. in stainless. This must be a date of civilan offered guns, as my uncle brought his officers modle in stainless back from Nam in 1969. and yes I am sure it is stainless not nickle.