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Colt Sistema

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SOG has them for $299,I heard they were made by the Argentine's,on Colt machinery sent there,surpervised by Colt reprsentatives.Anyone have any thoughts on this 45.I heard eveything was interchangeable with the 1911.If I get one I will probably have it fine tuned.
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Here's mine. I am having the following done:

New bushing (National Match)
High profile sights
Lowered and flared ejection port
Trigger job (5#)
New springs throughout
Parkerized finish
Throating and polishing barrel and ramp
Tune extractor
Barrel will be inspected and recrowned
Bevel magwell
Full parts inspection and replaced if needed

All the work is being done by Karl Sokol of Chestnut Mt. Sports (802) 438-5732. He built two of these for Custom Combat Handguns in an article this year. Can't wait to get it back!

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Nice I like it. I am starting to make grips for these and have my gun shop friend doing the checkering. I will post some before and afters in a few days. I am making them out of 1903 wood that I have in non repairable condition. So the age is there but not original. He's going to so the early Colt with the diamonds first then were gonna make some later checkered only and I wil make ones like you have on yours now.
I had a hair up my butt last night about making them so I did and traced,cut and prepped for checkering. I had to make a Jig tonight for his mount to hold it while he does his work. Rick

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Hey Jesse,just curious,what's a job like that going to set you back?
Just got my flyer from SOG. Thinking of buying one of them puppies myself. Cheaped out last time and bought a Ballester-Molina. Nothing against the Ballester but a Colt is a Colt no matter where its built!
The Sistema is really a great buy. You started me going for one again, but upon visiting the SOG website, they are showing no Sistemas. Did you see them on their webpage or where? I now am hankering for one but they are not on their page..........
Please advise. Thanks in advance for any info.
Happy Trails and safe shootin',
Jeffro (Jeff)
Their in the dealers flyer I received,end of last week.

What a RIP!!Called SOG to order one of the Sistema's,even though their advertised in their latest flyer,they don't have them in stock,and they'll put you on backorder,with no idea when they might getting them.Their advertising something that they never had.I think this is a shoddy way to do business.I'll think twice before doing business with them again,If I ever do!:mad: :mad:
duck 223 have no fear. KY imports has the 1927 Systema.

KY Imports has the BEST ones out there. These were the first ones picked over with Air Force markings.

I'll check with Karl and see what his package runs.

Hey Jeffro, I saw a 1927 Systema that Don Williams customized sell on Gunsamerica for $1,000.00. Don told me that he considers these one of the best base 1911's out there for customizing. He and Karl both have worked on these. The steel is of high quality from what they say.

duck 223, As a conservative estimate, Karl's package runs around $550.00. With what KY Imports is selling their Systemas, ($380.00), this puts you into a 1911 that's ready to roll for under $1,000.00. Karl said he can tailor the package to whatever budget one has in mind and will also take customer's parts for retrofit, which brings the price down considerably.

Jesse :D
Thanks Jesse,I already had someone in mind to tune-up the one I was going to purchase for $299 from SOG.I think I'll just hold off for now,but I still think that's a pi$$ poor way to run a business.
Jessie I checked out your web site--very nice firearms.
Can't wait to see your new and improved Systema.:cool: :cool:
Thanks for the feedback. Don has worked on a number of my handguns, and I consider him to be second to none. Will have to scout out a Sistema. Kind of was set on one of the $299 ones, so kind of hang up on paying $380 for one, even though I still consider that a bargain. Might wait to see if they show up cheaper again. Thanks again, and hope all is well.
Happy Trails and safe shootin',
Jeffro (Jeff)
Thanks alan c., I try to add to it occasionally when I have the time...

Jeffro, you are right. Don is currently working on 3 firearms for me. He is top notch and a super moderator. I am glad to have him.

Even thhough this quite old, I need to come to SOG's defense. They sold outta the Sistemas VERY quickly. I got one, LOVE IT...
Give SOG another try, they are pretty good folks. Stuff (especially C&R handguns ) fly off the shelf before th ink dries on the flier.

The sales guy at Century sends out emails of stuff when it comes in and sometimes I can t even respond to an email before it's all gone. BUY EM WHILE YOU CAN!!! We might have to bury them to keep them some day!!!
Thats the only place I buy from...gotta keep that Ohio economy going ! :)
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