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Colt Sistema

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Bought a Colt Sistema a few months back. SOG had them C&R. I love it. Not to be confused with the Ballester Molina (Ballerina mollester) and the like. This IS a 1911. Well, almost. I bought a
aftermarket bevertail safety to keep the hammer away from my hand. Well, it does not fit. the shape of the existing beavertail in the frame does not allow the fit. Does anybody have a remedy or some experience in fitting these? Is this common?

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What brand grip safety did you get. Some do require fitting. Some more than others. If it's a Wilson, ED Brown, Caspian, etc., you'll need a simple jig that attaches to the frame and shows where to remove the material.
Don't be dissin' mah Ballester now! I likes it...shoots good!
I think it a McCormick, cant be sure. I'll look in the CDNN catalog and check it out. Does the manufacturer have this template? or where can I find it.

Ballerster Molina.... Have shot one, it wroks good, liked it, but was humored by the Ballerina Mollester name. Parts dont interchange with 1911 though, just barrel and magazine. Rest of the gun is more like a STAR model B ( which I have one and love it)... NRAJOE, we'll still let you in the saloon, even with that MOLESTER on yer hip!!
Thanks for letting me in the saloon at all! If ya want I'll bring my Springfield V-12 ported barrel instead! :gangster: :)
What ever you wanna bring. Just dont shoot me.... I'm only the piano player :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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