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COM Kydex Extended Beavertail Tang for BHP...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stephen A. Camp, Feb 2, 2004.

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    Sep 15, 2003
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    Hello. I recently became aware of a new, inexpensive product designed to eliminate hammer bite for users of the Browning Hi Power. It's an extended tang made of Kydex that slides onto the rear grip strap and is secured by the pistol's grips. The grip screws pass through holes in the COM tang and it fits the gun securely.

    The Kydex that fits under the grips measures 0.05" thick. Random measurements elsewhere on the part were about 0.06" thick.

    Not nearly so pretty as an added tang of steel through the efforts of a gunsmith, you can see how this accessory would eliminate hammer bite.

    A nice touch on the all black tang is that the rear surface is textured such that it resembles light stippling as is commonly seen on customized Hi Powers.

    Here's a near stock Mk III 9mm wearing the Center of Mass (COM) Kydex extended tang. It does hold the grips away from the frame by its thickness.

    Another view of how the part fits the tang area on the Hi Power...

    You can see the textured surface which does provide a "non-skid" grip that was better than expected.

    I have not yet fired the pistol with the COM tang installed; just a tad cold today. However, I will and IF there's any problems, I'll sure post them.

    Few will argue that this is "as good" as a tang added by a master gunsmith. On the other hand, that does NOT mean that there's no place for such a part. At $20 a pop, one does not expect this to match work costing several hundred. I see this as a "quick, inexpensive fix" for folks who're routinely bitten or pinched by their Hi Powers, but who do not want to alter the gun's frame or bob the hammer.

    Will I use one long-term? Probably not, but I solve the bite problem by bobbing the hammer. Folks wanting to shoot their Hi Powers, but leave them unaltered might very well find this worth more than the twenty bucks one costs.

    If interested, drop by which is the website for Center of Mass Tactical. FWIW, I ordered on-line and got the product in about 3 days.

    Again, I've not fired a shot using this piece, but will and if there are any unforseen problems, they'll be reported. I expect none. While the grip fit is not "right" after installation, that's just a price to be paid for a fix that does not alter the pistol.

    I found the pistol still very, very comfortable with the part installed.


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