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Comparison: Ruger SR22 vs Walther P22

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by oldjarhead, Jun 29, 2012.

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    It seems that G&G is not compatible to Word.
    Hope this is readable.

    Ruger SR22 Vs Walther P22

    Ruger SR22 WaltherP22

    Caliber .22lr .22lr

    Capacity 10 rounds +1 10 rounds +1

    Length 6.4 inches 6.3 inches

    Width 1.29inches 1.1inches

    Height 4.9 inches 4.5 inches

    Weight 17.50ounces 15.10ounces

    Barrel Length 3.50 3.42

    Grooves 6 6

    Twist 1/16 notspecified (presumed 1/16)

    Frame Material Polymer Polymer

    Slide Material Aluminum not specified (presumedaluminum)

    Rear sight 3-dotadjustable 3-dotadjustable

    windage and elevation windage only

    Front sight Fixed post Inter-changeablepost

    Sight Radius 139mm (measured) 132mm(measured)

    Accessories 2- 10 roundsmagazines 1- 10rounds magazine

    Soft pistol case Hard pistol case

    Palm swell Palm swell

    Magazine shoe (2) Barrel wrench

    3Front sight inserts

    Triggerlock key


    Safety Ambidextrous Ambidextrous

    Magazine release Ambidextrous Ambidextrous

    External slide stop Yes Yes

    Accessory rail Yes Yes

    Comparisons betweenhandguns usually are likened to apples and oranges with an occasional lemonthrown in for variety. It is a pleasure to, finally, be able accomplish anactual apples-to-apples comparison between two handgun models of different make;all things being similar but not equal.

    I had looked to purchasethe Ruger SR22 for several weeks but had difficulty in locating the elusivelittle handgun as the shops in my area seemed to have been fed “only one and itsold in a matter of hours”. But as wonders never cease, and all good thingswill come to those who patiently wait, while attending a local gun show I founda dealer who was plentiful so I went forth, accomplished my mission, andeliminated my quest.

    I have owned and shot withthe Walther P22 since September 2004; seven and half years. I have also,unfortunately, experienced ammunition limitations, for which I have beratedWalther’s short 3.43 inches barrel for just as long, minus one day. The shortbarrel simply does not function with all .22lr ammunition available on today’smarket.

    Upon initially picking upthe Ruger SR22, the likeness of this handgun to the Walther P22 quickly becomesevident. They both lie comfortably in hand and both have a distinct ergonometricfeel of the grips. There are, however, pro-and-con issues with each that willalso quickly become evident.

    Both pistols have welldesigned grips and both come with inter-changeable palm swells. Changing thepalm swell on the Walther involves removing a spring pin from the grip whichrequires a small punch and, if not done properly in the field or range environment,could result in the miniscule pin eaten up by grass or dirt. Ruger, on theother hand, employs a pull-off push-on method to change palm swells whichrequires no tools other than personal brute strength; once you done the change,however, it becomes an easy task. Of course we all know we’d never change palmgrips under adversarial conditions.

    Conclusion here is thatRuger wins.

    The external slide releasefor each works the same with the only difference being in the size and shape ofthe lever. Positioning of the slide release on both pistols is within easyreach of the shooter’s thumb.

    Conclusion, awash.

    The safety levers are ambidextrouson both pistols and are easily reached by the shooter’s thumb; but that iswhere the similarity ends. The slide mounted safety of the P22 employs a blockto the firing pin with relation to the hammer; this action requires a bit moreforce to activate. When the needed force is coupled with the position and sizeof the safety lever it makes employing the safety not only difficult butsomewhat painful. The safety of the SR22employs hammer de-cocking and blockage of the trigger. The lever being framemounted provides quick access and an easy up-down movement to activate thesafety feature.

    Conclusion, Ruger wins.

    Hammers on both arerounded and serrated for supposedly easy cocking, some may disagree on this. Onthis feature I will give the win to Walther. The hammer spur is wider, thusmaking it more easily accessible and easier on the cocking thumb. The Rugerhammer spur being smaller, and narrow, makes it a little more painful to cockthe hammer in single-action mode.

    Conclusion, Waltherwins.

    A pistol’s magazinerelease needs to be ambidextrous, simple, functional, and within easy reach forthe shooter. The integration of the magazine release into the lower triggerguard accomplished by the Walther P22 exceeds the basic requirements and then some.A simple downward pressure on the magazine release lever, by either the thumbor trigger finger, will smoothly and effortlessly drop the pistol’s magazineinto the shooter’s non-shooting hand; unfortunately the magazine release of theSR22 does not. The small 1911 style magazine button is recessed into the gripenough to make access anything other than easy. The small diameter button doesnot provide the shooter sufficient area to press without moving the grip holdof the shooting hand or it needs to be depressed by the non-shooting hand toactivate the release and catch the dispensed magazine; the ambidextrousfeature, however, does provide the possibility to depress the magazine releasebutton with the trigger finger although it is awkward to do so.

    Conclusion, Waltherwins.

    The most prominent featureof any handgun is, of course, the sighting system. Both have adjustable 3-dotsight systems but with totally different features and methods.

    The P22 rear sights arewindage adjustable while adjustment for elevation is accomplished by changingthe front sight with supplied inserts. The downfall to the P22 is that when therear sight windage adjustment screw is turned, the rear sights become loose anddon’t seem to be able to be adequately re-tightened; the result is a chronicwobbly rear sight. The adjustable sightsystem of the SR22 does not have this problem as the front sight is fixed andthe rear sight is emplaced in the dovetail and has separate windage andelevation adjustment screws similar to those of a good quality target sightthereby eliminating any wobble associated with basic adjustments.

    Conclusion, Ruger winshands-down.

    Disassembly for bothpistols is much the same; unlock the slide lock mechanism, pull the slide allthe way rear-ward, lift up on the rear of the slide and move forward from therails.

    Assembly, however, is notthe same. The SR22 beats out the P22 with ease and efficiency. Most of theassembly is similar for both with the exception the SR22 does not need the mounting pin required by the P22 to keep the recoil spring aligned whileinstalling the slide to the rails; making the disassembly/assembly of the SR22superior to the P22.
    Conclusion, Ruger wins.
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  2. bobvonb

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    ruger and walther 22 pistols

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  3. 7.62x54R M44

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    ****, I want one of those SR22's :handgun:

    and made in the good ole U.S. of A. :usa2:
  4. SicSemper

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    What are they like 300-400 bucks; I just don’t see the pointwhy people pay that for a plinker; glad to be given a reason why.
  5. Tack Driver

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    You're not gonna find very many good, new semi auto .22 pistols for under $300.... A bare bones MKIII is around $280
  6. oldjarhead

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    Nobody really needs to justify to another person why they're willing to pay any amount for whatever.

    Neither of the pistols mentioned are "plinkers". It appears you are not up-to-date on firearm prices...the days of th $39.95 rifle/pistol/revolver purchases are long gone.
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