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  1. BattleRifleG3

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    Ok, here's a simple question: Are the Romanian SKS parts compatible with the Chinese? Specifically the gas tube and piston.
    And is the Yugo M59 gas piston compatible with the Chinese?
    I've heard that the Russian and Chinese are completely compatible, and that the Romanian is the same as the Russian specs. Is this true?
  2. Calvin

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    The gas tubes and pistons will interchange.
    The Chinese SKS's had 3 different type bolts in them, and 2 are only interchangeable with the same type. The Romanian SKS is made after the Russian, and all parts, except for the bolt, will interchange. The problem with the bolts is that there were 3 different types of firing pins used, and if you put the wrong bolt in the wrong rifle, it will slam-fire, or, in some cases, go full-auto. I will try to find my reference sheet on this for you. I'll have to do some digging, but I know I have it somewhere. When I do find it, I'll PM you with the info. HTH

  3. Kevin

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    I just got a yugo and when I cleaned it, found a lot of pitting in the gas tube. So I tried my got out my russian and tried that tube on the yugo and it seemed to fit just fine. I started looking for a gas tube for the yugo just in case I need one and Tapco has a US made tube that they say will fit everything except a yugo which got me confused since my russian seems to interchange with the yugo. After all that rambling, I guess I am saying I don't know.