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    whats up everybody,
    i been reading alot about glocks and am proably going to purchase one when i'm legal. can anybody explain the whole thing about the compensated versions. what is the pros and cons and stuff like that. is it worth it to by it?
    also if i want a handgun and plan on going into law enforcement but never have shot a handgun and will need to practice alot, what type of glock would you recomend? i'm pretty sure i would want the compact or the standard size handgun.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    The compensated model helps with muzzle flip by venting the gas when the bullet leaves the barrel, good for a target gun but not for carry as an LEO . The compensated models are louder and at night you could be blinded by the flames coming out of the ports. I like Glocks but have not bought one as of yet so I couldn't tell you the best model.

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    thanks for the info...yea i saw like a pic of one with the gases and ***** coming out of looks cool, but then again that doesn't really matter if someone is shooting at you...yea i would be worried about getting stuff in my I or maybe burning your self.
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    Centerfiresystems has a compensator that replaces the barrel bushings. Good, bad, ugly?

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    I didn't mean you'd get stuff In your eye, I meant it would destroy your night vision for a good 60 seconds or more. Not something you want to happen when your shooting at a "perp"...
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    hey people

    why r compensated guns louder than a non-compensated gun
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    High velocity gases blasted out at right angle to the gun. With rifles, it can be extremely irritating to shooters beside you. I know . . . :eek:wned2:
    Not so bad with handguns, but still noticable.
    And that flash at night can be irksome too.
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    the pistols to practice with would be the 38 and 45 cal as you willbe issued with one or the other as with a personnel backup with a glock it would be 38 to 9 mill in size of pistol, it would be up to you as in size and what you can shoot affectively, either a small cal or large calaber pistal.

    for me id go with a 357 as back up or a M-60
    but any pistal will kill someone so it depends on what you "need" as back up.