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    Hello BattleRifle:

    There are LOTS of different shooting games out there. And there are LOTS of clubs that sponsor matches for them. But: There is a problem. Not all clubs sponsor all the different shooting games. We need to locate clubs that are near us, learn what shooting games they run, and then look in our gun rack to see if we have a gun that fits the rules of the events they sponsor. Last time I checked, the NRA had 37 different kinds of paper targets for their many different sanctioned events. Then there are the other smaller shooting associations with many more kinds of shooting events.

    From the centerfire rifles you list, seems you should look for a club that sponsors NRA HighPower Matches. The National Match Course for military rifles: Shooting prone and sitting with a sling and standing. And: The "F" Class, where they are permitted to shoot with a bipod. Or: How about highpower metallic silhouette matches?

    If you are not near a club that sponsor events with guns that you have, you might try one of the postal matches. The match coordinator mails you a set of targets. You shoot the targets and mail them back for scoring. The coordinator sends out a score bulletin after the match ends.

    I run a benchrest e-mail match for rimfires: Like a postal match, but the shooters score there own targets and e-mail me the scores. Great for the rimfire shooter who does not have a local club that sponsors benchrest rimfire matches.

    If you have other questions about match competition, maybe I can help.

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