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Compliant Yugo[308cal] AK47

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AnyOne Have Any Leads/Ideas On Getting The Yugo M90 Compliant With
The Pistol Grip And Welded Muzzle Brake Configuration? This Rifle Is 308cal
Or 7.62x51.
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Make sure it has 10 or less foreign parts. Replacing the trigger group, buttstock, and pistol grip with US made ones should do it. It counts if you make it yourself.
Hi: I Plan To Do This To The Yugo M90:
[1] USA Trigger Group...3parts
[2] USA Pistol Grip....1part
[3] USA Muzzle Brake Welded...1part
[4] USA Mag Floor Plate...1part
?Will This Work[Compliance With 1994 Crime Bill]?
This looks good, but I would recommend replacing the buttstock once instead of replacing the floorplate in every mag. But it's your call between the two, because your plan will certainly work :right:
By Using converted M14 mags, If you replace the FCG with U.S. you would have 6 or 7 Us parts.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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