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  1. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    this time i am teaching myself how to upgrade a media center computer.
    it didnt come with a HDMI output and i want one to connect my home theater.
    so i bought a HD4350 ATI RADEON graphics card.
    to go in my hp pavillion a1630.
    1.93 RAM
    the cards manual says i need at least 400watts of power.
    how big of a power supply should i get?
    i dont play video games at all.
    this is just for movies and internet surfing.

    thank you o swami's!
  2. danf6975

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    an antec neopower 850 is what you will want to get.

  3. Chris

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    400W power supply is what you need.
  4. BarryHalls

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    you don't NEED HDMI yet. Component supports 1080P, which is the best anything is released in right now. HDMI will support much larger resolutions later down the road.

    But anyway, go to, and get a 4-600w. They have all sorts of clearance deals all the time.

    IMO it's the only place to bargain shop for computer stuff.

    Is the primary purpose of this computer a media center?

    For the love of GOD tell me you have ACTIVE, CURRENT virus protection???

    Rule number one for ANYTHING with windows, VIRUS PROTECTION. I like AVG Free (yes it's free, just google search AVG free, and SINCE it's free and not as well known it's actually not TARGETED by virus designers who look for ways around virus protection, SO it's actually more effective than the paid services!)

    If you don't ALREADY have it, reinstall windows and put it on from a disk, ASAP.

    even if you have virus protection you have a couple of viruses, you just don't have thousands.

    People don't seem to understand this.

    Sorry, I know just because you don't know about power supplies doesn't mean you are an idiot, but I've been dealing with people bringing home lap tops to work and spreading their infections to the network. F-ME!
  5. DWFan

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  6. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i am plugging my home theater into my comp.
    thats why the HDMI is being used.

    i dont need active virus protection.
    i use deepfreeze.
    5 years and counting.
    never one bug and i open EVERYTHING.

    i do use AVG free because it was already installed.

    i got the card from newegg.
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  7. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i make my comp crash on purpose sometimes by opening questionable sites.
    then reboot and everything is back to normal.
  8. gamehunter

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    the power supply thing is a minimum requirement for the power drawn by the card. seeing that you are not gaming or overclocking then a 400watt PSU would suffice. I do not game on the computer I just built to replace the factory built one that died and that has a 550watt PSU sitting in there for when I can get a good graphics card.
  9. FN FAL

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    You should check and make sure that your current power supply is the standard form factor type or one of HP's "built to fit our compact case type power supply's".

    I have run into this problem on one of my HP computers. These days other than the laptops I have no regular computers with any brand name on them. I put together a new computer about 18 months ago in a full Thermaltake tower case and I have tons of room for whatever. Getting away from factory builds and their proprietary stuff while it tends to not cost any less I find you get way more computer for the money and future upgrading is usually much easier.


    I meant to mention that if it is a non standard power supply you might be better off to score one of neweggs combo deals on a case and power supply and do a case swap. Future proofing never hurts.
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  10. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    Deep freeze as in your computer goes back to the predetermined image of the hard drive every night?

    That's a little extreme, but I don't blame you.

    Ever tried linux? 0 viruses and you don't have to live with out updates :), but you might as well be since some things will simply never work for any OS but windows.

    linux is the only way to go for a. . . . browser of unscrupulous material IMO.

    In any event, I just use the active AVG controls, set the way I like them, and I keep Hijackthis and a few other tools on my machine (since the best viruses won't allow you to download or install programs that will fix them), and I've never had a virus I couldn't fix. My poor old P4 comp has finally reached the point where windows has corrupted to the point that it tries to install the same update every single day and fails. . . poor old girl. Time to reinstall.
  11. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist


    I tried to splice some old computers together not long ago and the good motherboard wouldn't fit in the same case with the good power supply. Frustrating.
  12. 4-600 would be good, you might want to put more components in later, so think for the future. Ubuntu is great, my notification for upgrades asked me this morning if I wanted to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 and I did it. I'm still tweaking it to suit me, but I have Flash now every where I go. Fire Fox rocks and Ubuntu studio is dynamite!
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  13. PAPA G

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    my computer is coal fired, the more coal the more power.:icon16:
  14. Dutch

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    Hey, way to go Billy. I am running a little slower on my media PC, but with more ram. I found the extra ram really helped with buffering from sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Megavideo. The video card doesn't have to work hard for watching TV, but the ram was worth the money. Un-solicited advice, I know.

    If you go through the components, each will have a power requirement listed. Add up all you can find, including the processor, and then give it a small buffer. I think I ended up with a 450W, but your components will most definitely be different then mine.
  15. FortyXDM

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    How "ungreen" of you Papa G. Al Gore will be calling you if you don't get the recent update to natural gas........I think it came out last month.

    :D :D
  16. FortyXDM

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    My (fairly) new build called for a min PS of 500 watts using the "add em up" method. So I bought a 680 watt PS. I can now monitor usage through the battery backup ACP 700 unit I bought for this rig. My actual usage......185 watts with large monitor and 215 with both. Must not be cranking it hard enough.

    A good 400 should be plenty and then some. (power supplies can vary in do a little bit of research)

  17. SwedeSteve

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    or just bite the bullet and go Apple !!
  18. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    this is a nice dual core comp with just shy of a terabyte worth of hard drive in it.

    i got the part #from HP for the power supply and ordered a 480watt replacement
  19. BarryHalls

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  20. gamehunter

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    They would make good but expensive range targets :D