Computer Terms and Their "Unofficial" Meaning

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    Computer Terms and Their "Unofficial" Meaning

    New to computing?

    Finding some of the jargon confusing?

    Here's a short glossary that might help.

    Cache: ("cash") What you will need lots of to buy a computer.

    32 bits. What you will smash your computer into when it loses all your files.

    Cursor: Someone trying to install Windows 95.

    CAD: The unscrupulous salesmen who sold you the computer.

    Boot: What you would like to do to guy who sold you the system.

    Backup: What the salesman calls for when you come back to the shop.

    Bus: Something that programmers should be run over by.

    Port: Something you will drink a lot of while you try to get your system to run.

    SCSI: ("scuzzy") What you will feel like the morning after you staying up all night trying to get your system to run.

    Resolution: A promise you make to yourself never buy one of those CD ROM "sampler" disks again.

    Memory Block: A situation when you've been playing computer games so much you can't remember your spouse's first name.

    Token Ring: Cheap gift bought by husband facing divorce because he is up every night till 5:00 am playing computer games

    Partition: What wife will eventually do to matrimonial home.

    Ethernet: A network of wonderful WWW sites that exists in only in the realm of the imagination.

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