Concealed Carry in Indiana State Parks?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Airweight38, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Anybody from Indiana know if it is legal to CCH in State Parks? We're vacationing there this summer and I know my KS CCH has reciprocity, but am not sure if Indiana allows in their State Parks. I searched the Internet and couldn't even find out where their CCH program is administered through.

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    from the Dept. of Natural Resources website under property regulations:

    312 IAC 8-2-3 Firearms, hunting, and trapping
    Authority: IC 14-10-2-4; IC 14-11-2-1; IC 14-22-2-6
    Affected: IC 14-22-11-1; IC 35-47-2
    Sec. 3. (a) A person must not possess a firearm or bow and arrows on a DNR property unless one (1) of the following
    conditions apply:
    (1) The firearm or bow and arrows are:
    (A) unloaded and unnocked; and
    (B) placed in a case or locked within a vehicle.

    here is website if you want to check further.

    DNR: DNR Home
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    I am certain I read in my local newspaper that legislation was introduced to make it leagle for CC permit holders to carry in state parks. I never read if it passed or not. I personally carry anytime I go anywhere in IN with my family that I do not have to pass through a metal detector first.

    Bottom line being nut bags do not go to police stations or gun ranges to commit mass killings, they much prefer places that offer a disarmed victim to murder.

    Just my opinion.
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