Conditions vs Caliber

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  1. There's alot of questions about what caliber is best for hunting? And how much 'gun' is enough?
    Just based on my experience, where you hunt and the size of the game are the determining factors.
    I've hunted a lot in very heavy brush, deer and pigs, nothing over 300 lbs. I've killed most of what I shot with the .45 Colt in handgun and carbine. I haven't shot anything over 50 yards in very many years. I do have a .38-55 if I get invited to sit in a blind (hasn't happened in awhile!).
    If I were to go to Africa I'd need way more in power. If I were to go hunting out on the rolling plains I'd need something real flat shooting.
    For now, the .45 Colt works just fine.
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    And that, my friends, is all I need to know! Meaning- I agree.

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    Which brings to mind the .17hmr. I like it better than a .22 for ground squirrels when the area I'm hunting in has homes nearby. Almost anything the .17 comes in contact with will turn it into vapor even a rain drop. The .22 will essentially skip along like it was on water.
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    I'm forever changing my scopes back and forth. I like to shoot off the bench at 200 yards, but most of my hunting is hogs at 50 or so yards. Mainly because in this area you can't see much further then that. And I've always thought that where you hit them has a lot more to do with it then what caliber you used. Within reason of course.
  5. I am assuming when you mention caliber, you are really asking "what cartridge". I do the same thing, I rarely ask " What cartridge do you shoot" I usually ask, "What rifle do you shoot" ? But usually am inquiring about the cartridge mostly.

    Beings that you can only see 50 to 75 yards where you hunt, I would think you would want something that puts critters down and out pretty quick, as well as putting that bullet in the "right place".

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    I agree with Mr. Franklin quite heartily. Over the past two deer seasons, my brother and I have killed I think eight (8) deer on our farm, all of them within 60 yards with a 30-30 Marlin. Friends keep telling us that the 30-30 is a sloppy round, and that we need a different gun. But can you really do better than 8 one-shot kills? Besides, I love shooting the Marlin. I agree that it just depends on your conditions. Our farm has a lot of thick brush, and if I were to hunt in a broader expanse with most shots beyond 100 yds, I would probably switch to something with some more reach. But the 30-30 loaded up with Hornady leverevolution bullets has a pretty good reach. We haven't needed anything else yet.
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    Mr Cowboy, Sounds to me that you got a darn good handle on what is needed to perform the job at hand. The new LE ammo makes your, and most any other, 30/30 a genuine 200+ yd rifle, plain and simple!
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    10-4 kycowboy, 30-30 is tried and true. The harder it is to see (dense cover) the harder your game is to track. A well placed shot with a hefty cartridge means a shorter blood trail.

    Also gives them less of a chance to run into the deepest most inaccessible gully they can find. :irked:
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    Which brings us back to the .30-30,.35rem,.44mag,etc. sam.
  10. Put one in their head and the only blood trail is from where they are standing to the ground.

    The taxidermist WILL NOT BE PLEASED with headshots, but they drop where they stand...
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    I used to hunt the thick stuff with a Win94 in 375. Man I miss that rifle !!
  12. Correction to footnote. The DEER drop where they stand, NOT the taxidermists...:bigeyes:
  13. The 30-30 SLOPPY! Get some new friends.:kidding: The 30-30 may has killed more deer than any "Ultra Magnum". In my mind if you live in wooded area where high powered rifles are legal, use the 30-30 for deer, its a near perfect woods gun, especially with a Marlin lever.
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    You never dealt with a couple of the taxidermists I have. sam.
  15. Mine just takes the deer, shakes his head and starts cussing me under his breath.:09: