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Canadian journalist Lorne Gunter is taking gun-banners to task for proposing a handgun ban in Canada. And he makes a great point about these gun-control schemes, saying, "Activity is confused with achievement."

How true that is. Just look at the "gun buybacks" that cities promote on a regular basis. Sure, there's activity. But what's the achievement? Every study done on these "buybacks" says they don't work to lower crime, nor do they do anything to make homes safer. Still, politicians love these made-for-media events. They guarantee that the politicians behind the "buybacks" will get face time on television and in the local newspaper. But that's the only thing "buybacks" achieve.

It's easy to confuse action with achievement. But the goal of all Americans, on both sides of the gun-control issue, should be a reduction in violent crime while maintaining liberty and freedom for the law-abiding. And every gun-control proposal should be looked at through the dual lenses of liberty and common sense. But we should reject schemes that are action that achieves nothing, or worse, action that achieve more crime and less freedom.

So the next time you hear some goofy plan to restrict gun ownership, ask yourself what it would really achieve. I think you'll find that the answer is "not much to nothing at all."

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